Smoky Quartz Rings

Smoky Quartz Rings


Smoky Quartz Ring And Their Significance

Smoky Quartz is a beautiful variety of quartz of Brownish grey shades thus the name. Its transparency ranges from completely clear to opaque. It has a vitreous lustre and usually means detox and balance.This stone is mostly associated with clearing the air. It is believed to convert negative energies to the positive ones. It is also associated with alleviating an emotionally upset person and to live in the current moment instead of the past or the future. It is considered an alternative to the chocolate diamond.

Amongst the category of dark stones, smoky quartz rings offer beautiful transparency that draws light into the shades of black and brown. The crystals are pale and surreal, dark and clear or warm and rich! A stone of power, smoky quartz initiates the movement of primal forces in the body while destroying negative forces as they come.

Is Smoky Quartz Good For Your Engagement Ring?

Its color ranges from transparent light brown to almost black. The faceted cuts yield a striking look to the stone making the engagement ring look more majestic. These rings are perfect for both women and men. Quartz rings are perfect for women’s engagement rings, Men’s wedding bands and unique wedding rings in general. The unique stone is everything you are looking for if you are looking for something to give you a good positive start to the day as well as to the new beginnings that you two are about to have. A positive start always makes sure to have positivity flowing throughout your beautiful relationship which is very necessary for its longevity.

Buy Smoky Quartz Ring From Rosec Jewels

Smoky Quartz is a unique stone which has amazing healing properties. The properties include spreading positivity in and around the wearer. Here at Rosec Jewels, we create masterpieces with smoky quartz! The smoky quartz rings are specially designed to spread love and light the way you want them to! Made with love and thoughtfulness so that you get the best experience, the rings are exquisite and display our finest craftsmanship to you! We offer a wide variety of Smoky Quartz Rings so that your search for the perfect one ends here! These rings are a unique blend of western and Indian designs making them a fit for every dress be it daily casuals, business formals, or elegant date night outfits. We have smoky quartz engagement rings in different styles, stone shapes, and cuts. We offer rings in 10k, 14k, 18k variants in rose, white and yellow gold.

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