Side Stone Rings

Side Stone Rings


About Side Stone Rings  

Rosec Jewels’ side stone rings are fine handcrafted rings for women to celebrate their unique styles while they adorn these rings on any occasion. Side stone rings stand for diamonds or gemstones that aren’t the center dominant stone, such stones are called side stones or accent stones. The side stones when studded on the face of rings add an extra touch of glamour to such ring styles.  

To bring a metamorphosis in jewelry trends, our team of artisan consistently work to bring about a blend of colorful gemstones and gold metal while addressing the quality standards for gemstones and gold. Furthermore, our experimentation with yellow gold, white gold and rose gold helps us diversify the range of side stone ring designs. Special consideration is also given to the gemstone shapes such as round, oval, marquise, princess and cushion.  

Things to Consider While Buying Side Stone Rings  

  • Certified Gemstone 

    Gemstones are responsible for scintillating side stone rings for women, thus a need for proper certifications is crucial to define them in all the 4 C’s of Quality. 

  • Hallmarked Gold 

    The hallmarked gold is used for crafting the side stone rings to certify the purity of gold that is 10K, 14K and 18 K.  

  • Gemstone Shape & Setting  

    Gemstones are the main attraction in gold rings, thus one should carefully look for the shape of the gemstone and the setting used to mount the gemstone. 

Side Stone Ring FAQs  

  1. What are side stones also called?  

    The gemstones on the side stone rings are also called as accent stones.  

  2. How big are side stones on an engagement ring? 

    While buying side stone rings it is advised to go with side stones that are almost one third the size of the center stone.  

  3. Is halo ring a side stone ring? 

    Although halo rings are another category of ring styles, yet calling halo rings as side stone rings is not completely wrong as these side stones are arranged encircling the center gemstone.  

  4. How much does a side stone ring cost? 

    Side Stone ring prices vary within a range of $500 - $3000 depending on the metal choice, gemstone shape and quality.  

  5. What is gemstone certification? 

    The certificate which usually comes with the gemstone jewelry for authenticity of the product. The goal of the SGL certificate is to define gemstone in all the factors like carat, cut, clarity and color.  

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