Ring Stone Shape

Ring Stone Shape

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Antique Stone Shape Rings

Stone Shape refers to its physical form. It is not obviously about the 4 C’s of Diamond, but it is an additional factor you can consider while selecting your diamond ring. Most diamond shapes are round, pear, heart, oval, cushion, etc. Round Shape Diamond is the most popular diamond shape and cut. Three-fourths of the total diamond sold are Round Shape Diamonds. The round-shaped diamond reflects the light best. You should consider diamond shape while purchasing like how the shape looks on your finger? Women with a shorter finger should pick oval, pear or marquise shape while women with a longer finger can choose round or princess shape.

Stone Shape Engagement Rings

They say diamond shapes can be matched to the type of woman you are, like if you are traditional, you’ll pick a round solitaire or if you are fashion-forward than you’ll go for a unique shape but it’s totally up to you. You don’t need to fit into any category it is a very personal decision. 



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