Red Onyx Engagement Rings

Red Onyx Engagement Rings


About Red Onyx Engagement Rings  

The extraordinary red onyx engagement rings collection by Rosec Jewels is to watch out while setting out to buy engagement rings for women. Also known as Sardonyx are a variety of silicate mineral chalcedony making each piece unique in itself. We, at Rosec Jewels assure utmost quality assurance while crafting jewelry and thus red onyx rings find their way into the lives of women from all walks of life and an inclination towards the age old traditions and latest trends.  

Mesmerizing engagement ring styles are carefully designed featuring red onyx in different shapes ranging from round, oval, pear, marquise, cushion etc., and combining them with different hues gold. The gold onyx rings are curated keeping in mind the ongoing trends in fashion and adhering to the 4 C’s of Red Onyx, our lapidarist are responsible for curating onyx solitaire rings and vintage onyx rings for engagement. Select from our onyx engagement rings for proposing your beloved and give her a chance to celebrate her happiness.  

Red Onyx Engagement Ring Meaning  

Red Onyx is thought to bestow good physical strength on the wearer. It is also believed to soothe down stress and nervousness. 

Ponder Over the 4 C’s of Red Onyx Engagement Rings  

  • Color 

    Onyxes are either slightly translucent to fully opaque. The most common red onyxes are a combination of a red base with white upper layer. 

  • Clarity  

    Generally, red onyx is free from any inclusions and the most desirable piece should have a well-polished and reflective surface while selecting red onyx rings for engagement. 

  • Cut  

    Onyxes can be cut into all the standard shapes available. Almost all standard and fancy cuts are possible while curating red onyx rings for women. 

  • Carat  

    Red onyx is found in different carat weights depending on size of the rough found in nature generally the primary driver of the price. 

Red Onyx Engagement Rings FAQs  

  1. Is red onyx good for an engagement ring? 

    The durability and versatility of the red onyx permit jewelers to craft amazing onyx engagement rings.  

  2. How to clean my Red Onyx Engagement Ring at home? 

    Red onyx engagement rings should be cleaned by lukewarm water and mild cleaning detergent. Soft toothbrush can be used to clean the underside of the red onyx.  

  3. How can I know if the red onyx engagement ring is authentic? 

    While buying red onyx engagement rings, you should look for the SGL certification to ensure the authenticity of red onyx rings by Rosec Jewels.  

  4. Are red onyx engagement rings expensive? 

    Red onyx engagement rings have a wider price range depending on the gemstone quality, gold quality and purity. A decent engagement ring featuring red onyx can cost you anywhere between $500 - $2000.  

  5. What does a red onyx engagement ring symbolize? 

    Red onyx engagement ring are associated as the protector for harmonious relationships.  

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