Red Onyx Earrings

Red Onyx Earrings

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What Are Red Onyx Earrings?

Red Onyx is a beautiful red translucent stone. It can be honed or polished to a high gloss. Red Onyx Earrings showcase red onyx as the main centrestone. Red Onyx is said to be related to root chakra. The beautiful stone is believed to reject negativity and imbue the wearer with positivity. It’s very useful in healing old trauma and injuries from the past. It is said to be associated with the clearing of the karmic cycles of the wearer.

Significance of Red Onyx Earrings?

Red Onyx is a beautiful stone which is widely associated with healing properties. Wearing red onyx is said to relieve the wearer of trauma and past problems. A pair of red onyx earrings can always put you in a better mood as red onyx is said to reject negativity and allows the positive thoughts to prosper in the heart and mind of the wearer.

Red Onyx is translucent red stone and legends believe it to bring out your strength and determination. It is said to make you invincible. This stone helps in the inner guidance. This stone works as a lighthouse for those who feel lost from their path and need guidance to get back on track. Traditionally, onyx is believed to be the nails of the goddess Venus. It is said that Goddess Venus was resting on the banks of the Indus river. As she slept, cupid used the point of one of his enchanted arrows to give her a manicure. The nail parings fell into the water of the sacred river. Since the nails were of the heavenly origin, they sank to the river bed and metamorphosed into onyx.

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