Radiant Bracelet

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Radiant Bracelet

The radiant cut looks similar to princess cut diamonds, typically have 70 facets with trimmed corners. It’s a versatile design combines the depth and brilliance of the round cut diamond. Radiant cut diamond makes the spanking jewelry pieces. They create a great illusion of shimmer and make shine bright. Radiant cut diamond has discovered to make a more brilliant sparkling diamond. It is the recent invention in diamonds.

Radiant Cut Diamond Bracelet in Gold

Tennis Bracelet makes a sparkling accessory, radiant cut diamonds encased in the band gives a mesmerizing appeal to the Radiant Cut Diamond Tennis Bracelet. The shimmering of diamonds with unique designs looks radiant, you can also fuse two or three stones together for a captivating piece. You can craft these bracelets in gold or platinum, which suits your style the best. Gold Bracelets makes a dazzling accessory.


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