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18k Yellow Gold Rings

18kt gold is a more pure form of gold than 14kt, as it has 75% of pure gold and 14kt have 58% of pure gold. beyond 18kt yellow gold, you wouldn’t find the Gold Ring as they easily get starched and deform way too easily. 18kt mostly used for the Diamond Engagement Rings. Selecting 18kt over 14kt gold rings is naturally because one wants more pure gold, no doubt it is more expensive than 14kt. But its jewelry looks exquisite and sparkling.

18kt Yellow Gold Engagement Rings

Yellow gold will glorify the vintage designs and makes it more captivating. Engagement ring and wedding rings are mostly crafted in yellow gold. yellow color has its own charm and will compliment dark skins the best. Before buying an 18kt Yellow Gold Rings you don’t need to think twice about the purity, durability, and beauty of the metal.

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