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18k Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Karat is the unit used to measure the purity of gold. The higher karat amounts the purer gold it contains. 24kt contains 99.95% pure gold which makes its pureness desirable, but it’s not an ideal jewelry metal. To make it more durable alloy are mixed to pure gold – creating 14kt and 18kt Gold. And in rose gold pure gold is mixed with copper to create a rose-tone. Mathematically 18kt Rose Gold Engagement Rings contain 75% of pure gold and 25% of copper. If you prefer warm color, then 18kt Rose Gold is the superb pick for you.

18KT Rose Gold Rings Diamond Wedding Band

Rose Gold Metal commemorates the vintage essences. Rose gold jewelry has a romantic touch due to its rose pinkish color. But if you have metal sensitive skin than think before buying a Rose Gold Jewelry because it has copper alloy which might cause not good for allergenic people. You can by Rose Gold Wedding Band at affordable prices from here. 

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