R 14KT White Gold

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14k White Gold Rings

White Gold is a mixture of pure gold and white metals like silver, palladium, nickel and normally with a rhodium coating. White Gold Ring is currently more popular than yellow gold due to its sparkle. White gold looks like platinum metal, so people who cannot afford platinum metal and need sparkling metal for their ring, they pick white gold metal. It fits in low budget and gives similar color and shimmery look.

Unique 14kt White Gold Engagement Rings for Women

White Gold complements diamonds the best. Adorned in white gold metal diamonds looks wondrous and white gold also magnify the glimmer of the ring. White Gold looks gorgeous on fair skin tones. White Gold is widely used in diamond Engagement Rings and for Wedding Bands. Pure white gold is hypoallergenic until we mix some alloys in it. 


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