What Are Pink Sapphire Earrings?

Pink Sapphire earrings feature the very beautiful pink sapphires as their centrestone. Pink Sapphires symbolise trust, sincerity and loyalty. They are believed to carry intense love and good fortune. Madagascar remains the largest mining area of pink sapphires. Prior to the 1990s, when these mines were not discovered, Pink Sapphires were considered to be very rare. They are still rare but widely available. The pink of the pink sapphire range from baby pinks to richer tones. Richer the tones, higher the price and value of the stone though its your personal discretion which color you want to have.

Why Choose Pink Sapphire Earrings?

Pink sapphires are having their moments because of the increased craze and shift from diamonds to the colored gemstone rings. These are must haves in your collection due to many reasons some of them are: Color: Pink Sapphires have a beautiful pink color which ranges from light pink to dark pink. The richer shades invite more cost but you decide which color you want to go for because some pink shades might not suit your skin tone though they might be in vogue

Versatility: Pink sapphires are versatile in the terms of metal used. They look stunning with all the golds: Yellow, Rose and White gold. The pinks create stunning contrast with some metal colors and with others it creates some beautiful combinations. Matchability: Pink Sapphire earrings can pair beautifully with other accessories if the right designs and styles are chosen.

Buy Pink Sapphire Earrings From Rosec Jewels

Here at Rosec Jewels, we provide a wide variety of Pink Sapphire Earrings which are sure to spoil you for choice and make you want to go for more than one pair. Our variety includes but is not limited to Pink Sapphire studs, Pink Sapphire Drops and dangles etc. Our designs are inclusive of the Indian roots as well as the western culture.

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