Pendant Light Green


Light Green Pendant

There are many green color stones we probably even don’t know the name. Tourmaline, peridot tsavorite, etc. The light green color is very different from the usual colors. No doubt it is not as famous as blue or pink, but it has its own charm. Crafted in a beautiful setting, the charisma of light Green Stone Pendant rapidly increases. With the perfect setting and metal, we can make the most beautiful pendant from this stone.

Vintage Gemstone Peridot Gold Pendant Necklace

Vintage designs would be more perfect for this unique color, it will enhance the beauty of old designs. Peridot Gold Pendant can be a nice option for the antique jewelry lover. Yellow gold will add charm to this unique piece, you can also pick white gold for refreshing appeal. Distinctive jewelry pieces have their own place in women’s heart.



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