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Pearl Ring And Its Significance

Pearls are opaque and round. Generally considered a symbol of purity, innocence, integrity, generosity and loyalty, the qualities that make them ideal to witness the beautiful moments of togetherness with the love of your life. Pearls go well with all the skin tones and give an elegant look to the hands. They look sophisticated and very beautiful depending on the type of setting and look that you choose.

Pearl rings for women and men can complement every look be it a casual evening or a date night out or sophisticated formals! They add an understated beauty to the looks of your love. With a variety in the pearls available, there is a pearl for every choice and need! Pearl jewellery is flexible as in these pieces can involve only pearls or they can have different gemstones with pearl as the main stone. These jewellery pieces have a soft sheen and offer grace and sophistication to the wearer. .

Different Types Of Pearls?

Pearls are of different types:

  • Akoya Pearl: Found in a small oyster known as Akoya, these pearls are treasured for their reflective shine and perfect shape. Akoya is a saltwater oyster. A bead is surgically implanted into the oyster along with a small piece of mantle tissue. The oyster coats the bead with a plethora of layers of the beautiful Nacre. These pearls are relatively small that range from 2-10 MM.
  • South Sea Pearl: Available in varieties of Golden South Sea Pearl and White South Sea Pearls depending on the type of oyster they develop in. They are valuable due to thick nacre and large size. Their growth period and limited growing environment make them worth your money.
  • Golden South Sea Pearls are rare and thus very valuable. A single strand of these pearls take years to harvest as each pearl has to be matched for size, quality, color and roundness. These are produced by the famous gold lip variety of oysters
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  • White South Sea Pearls have a beautiful satin lustre and their luxurious size. These are produced by the famous silver lip variety of oysters.
  • Freshwater Pearl: They are world famous for their variety in size, shape and color. Grown in Cristaria Plicata Mussels found in china and japan, these oysters grow 16 pearls on either valve making a total of 32 pearls at a single time.
  • Black Pearl/ Tahitian Pearl: Very rare as these are naturally black. These are considered to be exotic, luxurious, and rare and are produced by Pinctada Margaritifera oyster native to Tahiti and polynesian islands. These oysters can grow very big in size (as large as a dinner plate) resulting in pearls that range from 8mm to 18mm in size. They are varied in colors that range from silver to deep black with overtones of peacock, green and blue.
  • Melo Pearl: These pearls are rare as these do not contain Nacre instead their composition is calcite and aragonite which gives them a beautiful glaze. These pearls can take decades to grow in size and shapes that are typically round pebble like or oval.

  • Is Pearl Good for Engagement Rings ?

    Pearl is sophisticated, denotes purity and innocence and provides a beautiful sheen which makes it perfect for an engagement ring. If your lady love is more of a beauty that appreciates calm sheen and lustre instead of flashy brilliance and prefers a subtle beauty that adds to the elegance of her looks, Pearl engagement rings are your go to option.

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    Here at Rosec Jewels, we provide a variety of beautiful Pearl Rings pieces depending on your choice, style and budget. The variety includes vintage pearl rings, antique pearl engagement rings, unique rings etc. We offer 10k, 14k and 18k gold quality variety in rose, white and yellow gold metals. Beautiful to look at and sophisticated in artistry, pearl rings are the true symbolism of class and beauty that is not found with the majority. Pearl engagement rings from Rosec Jewels are very beautiful and made with thoughtfulness keeping you and your loved one in the mind. Crafted with perfection with love so that you can express it with ease. We specialise in exquisite designs as we hail from Jaipur, India and we love to infuse the Indian designs with our rings which make them even more special!

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