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What Are Pearl Earrings?

These elegant earrings feature the ever beautiful pearls. Pearls are known to be evergreen and have a soft sheen instead of dazzling shine. Pearls are believed to offer protection as well as attract wealth and good luck. Pearls are said to have a calming effect on the wearer. They are also known to balance your karma. Legends have it that pearls keep your children safe while maintaining and strengthening your relationships. Pearls are said to symbolise the loyalty, purity, integrity and generosity of the wearer. Pearls are great to gift to your beloved because of their simplicity and understated beauty.

Why Choose Pearl Earrings?

Pearls are different from the rest of the gemstones because they arise from the depths of the sea. No special cutting or polishing is required for them to shine and to maximise their luster which has been treasured since ancient times and makes this jewellery a classic. Pearls are versatile and look great in every jewellery design.

Pearls are known for their royalty and allow the wearer to rock every outfit and ensemble no matter what it is. Pearl earrings are a great way to add a subtle charm to the look of the wearer. They look great in every style and design and can uplift the look almost instantly. Unlike diamonds that ooze sparkle and brilliance, pearls offer a subtle sheen that adds understated radiance to the looks that is not readily noticeable but the absence of which can be easily felt. The elegance of pearls has not gone unnoticed by the people. It represents purity and innocence and makes a great gift for someone who has these traits.Pearls are timeless and classic and never go out of style. They can be paired with any other accessories and pieces with pearls and gemstones combined look great too. They look striking with everything- be it minimalistic designs or chunky pieces, their charm is never ever diminished!

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Browse through our entire range to find the perfect match to your desires. Our designs are influenced by our Indian roots which will give you very royal vibes not to mention the beauty and versatility! Our pieces are carved in white, yellow and rose gold. Choose your gold purity from 14k and 18k. Some styles and pieces are available in 10k gold purity too.

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