Oval Pendant

Oval Pendant

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Oval Pendant

An oval diamond has an excellent brilliance like a round diamond. Modern oval shape’s cutting is similar to round cut diamonds which make it as sparkling and brilliant as round cut diamond. Oval shapes could be the ideal shape, it is the modified version of the round-shape diamond but slender in shape. This elongates cuts makes the perfect illusion of greater carat weight, compared to the same carat weight of the round cut diamond.

Solitaire  Oval-Cut Diamond  Pendant Necklace

The oval diamond looks amazing in modern twist designs. Oval Solitaire Pendant makes incredible diamond jewelry. For more shimmer, you can add tiny round cut diamonds in halo setting to make it more captivating. Oval Halo Diamond Pendants will make an elegant statement at the parties. Oval cut diamonds are perfect for small finger as they make a small finger looks flattering.


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