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Morganite Rings

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Morganite Ring and Its Significance

Morganite is an alluring peach colored stone. This is associated with promise, assurance, compassion and healing. It is considered to be the gemstone of divine love. A beautiful stone with a soft peach color is eye catchy by the looks. Its color symbolises the first rays of the sunrise (transparent peach pink color) though the color of the stone ranges from salmon color to peachy pink to pale pink to violet- pink, most popular amongst the buyers is the peachy pink color.

Though Morganite has inclusions naturally, it is considered to be of a good quality when it doesn’t have inclusions that are visible to the naked eye. Morganite rings appeal to many because of their aesthetically pleasing looks.If your beloved has a preference for colored gemstones, go for a Morganite engagement ring; the durability of the stone, its brilliance and beautiful color makes it a perfect investment.

Is Morganite Good for Engagement Rings?

Morganite is a durable and hard gemstone that is heat treated as per the industry standards to give it a stable color that lasts for a lifetime. The color though can range from pale pink to blush pink to dark pinks and in some cases, salmon! Stats say that the favorite amongst buyers is blush peachy pink color because of the aesthetics that the stone provides. If treated with care and maintained well, a Morganite ring can last for a lifetime without chipping and getting scratched. The soft pinkish hues make it associated with romance, sweetness, love and innocence.

It is also known to have properties that calm your mind and allows you to keep negative thoughts at bay! When you start a new phase of your life, it is necessary to start at a positive note and Morganite helps you in just that! The overall looks of the ring and color of the stone is so beautiful that it will; invoke all things positive irrespective of the negative emotion that tries to surface itself (be it anger, anxiety, panic etc. Morganite wedding ring is said to provide the wearer with the gift of unconditional love whilst dissolving ego. What better ring to mark the start of your love for a lifetime?

Buy Morganite rings from Rosec Jewels

Here at Rosec Jewels , we offer a wide variety of the beautiful morganite rings that are sure to give you moments to remember. Our rings range from wide bands to morganite solitaire ring to rings in pear shape, oval shape, cushion cut etc. The rings are available in rose, white and yellow gold in the quality variants of 10k, 14k and 18k.

Since we are Jaipur (India) based, our designs contain unique elements from India not found anywhere else!! Our pieces are designed with care and love so that they are everlasting and look very beautiful on your beloved as she will be watching it daily from the day you will gift it to her.

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