Moissanite Rings

Moissanite Rings


Moissanite Rings And Moissanite Significance?

Moissanite is a beautiful clear gemstone that often has love and romance attributed to it. Usually considered as a replacement of diamond, moissanite is a very strong stone which is why it is considered to strengthen the bonds even further.

It was first found on the rock that fell from a meteor thus, is said to have a very strong connection to the universe. Moissanite and lab grown diamond though look very similar from afar but have different properties ranging from hardness to brilliance to color and composition. Moissanite is bought instead of diamonds but is not a real diamond. It's an entirely different gemstone. It is one of the best faux diamonds that exist on earth. Cost wise, it's a fraction of a diamond. Naturally found Moissanites are incredibly rare thus they need to be created in the laboratory conditions.

Moissanite rings are known to aid in making the bonds grow more strong and deep. They are associated with waking up the hidden potential of the wearer, pushing people to their highest potential and bringing luck into the lives of the people, which is why it's a rage amongst the couples nowadays.

Is Moissanite Good for Engagement Rings ?

Moissanite represents strength and is symbolic of celebration of individual differences while still maintaining originality. It brings out the best in people. These things make moissanite a perfect stone for the engagement rings. Like other gems, moissanite, can be used in various rings too such as chunky rings, dainty rings, promise bands etc. Some rings can be durable, the others are delicate by nature. There is a wide variety of moissanite rings available to suit your desires and needs.

Moissanite is a different gemstone than diamond. It has a charm of its own. The biggest giveaway that a ring is not a diamond ring is the size of the moissanite gemstone. This considerable price gap gives you the flexibility to invest your funds elsewhere (as in extra carats of the gemstone!). If you are comfortable in telling people that the ring is a moissanite ring, then you can buy any size of the gemstone in the ring.

Buy Moissanite ring from Rosec Jewels

Here at Rosec Jewels, we provide a wide variety of beautiful moissanite rings that are sure to steal your hearts. Mark the start of the new journey of a lifetime with your lady love with our stunning pieces that will etch the memories of the very special day in your hearts and minds forever. We create them with love so that you can express your love better. We have a wide variety of moissanite rings available for you to choose from. We offer halo engagement rings in moissanite, rings in asscher cut, pear cut, emerald cut etc. We also offer them in rose gold, white gold and yellow gold. We offer a quality of 10k, 14k and 18k along with a variety of shanks! You name it, we have it! We have the largest and the best variety of rings available.

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