Japanese Cultured Pearl Earring

Japanese Cultured Pearl Earring

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About Japanese Cultured Pearl Earring  

Here we come to the most unique variety of Pearls. Japanese Cultured Pearl Earrings are famous for their elegant beauty all around the world. They are even referred to as little drop of heaven dew. Why not? The divine beauty of these earrings asks for such hype. The USP of Japanese Cultured Pearl Earrings is without any doubt their royal luster and unique cream color. Pearl is after all every woman’s dream jewel. The highly feminine look of these earrings works like a charm on every outfit. Originally formed in Akoya Pearls of Japan or China, these Japanese Cultured Pearl are known to symbolize wisdom and purity. Brides can don them on their most auspicious day, i.e., Wedding. Because cream is such a neutral color, Japanese Cultured Pearl Earrings go great paired up with any outfit, whether you’re donning a formal work suit or even your prettiest bridal outfit. The divine purity of Pearl when combined with cream color makes it a favorite among women. Japanese Cultured Pearl Earrings add a sophisticated yet stylish touch to your look.  

The metal you choose to combine your Japanese Cultured Pearl Earrings with changes the whole game. While a white gold metal gives it a subtle glow, a yellow gold metal makes it a perfect combination of yellow and cream and rose gold further amplifies its feminine look. Whatever metal color you choose according to your preference, all look just as elegant in their own sweet way.  


Glossy and divine: Japanese Cultured Pearl Earrings Styles  

  • Japanese Cultured Pearl Stud Earrings: 

    The plus point of cream colored stud earrings is that they go great with any formal outfit. Pick up your favorite work outfit, match it up with Japanese Cultured Stud Earrings and make for a classic fashion statement. 

  • Japanese Cultured Pearl Drop Earrings: 

    A combination of subtle, feminine yet flashy look is every woman’s dream. That’s exactly what Japanese Cultured Drop Earrings offer. Nothing can match the royal grace of a Pearl drop. 

  • Japanese Cultured Pearl Hoop Earrings: 

    Whether you’re of any group group, we bet you can rock Hoop Earrings just as glamurously. Specially when these hoop earrings are combined with the most timeless color: Cream of Japanese Cultured Pearl. 

  • Japanese Cultured Pearl Halo Earrings: 

    Why look boring when you could look like a sparkling queen? When Japanese Cultured Pearl is combined with Diamond in a halo setup, the dazzling shine of these earrings is something else. 


Have a look at the 4 Cs of Japanese Cultured Pearl Earrings  

  • Cut 

    The shape of Japanese Cultured Pearl Earrings ranges from a classic Round to an expressive pear and marquise. 

  • Color 

    Japanese Cultured Pearl Earrings are known to have a neutral cream with slight silver overtones. 

  • Clarity 

    Japanese Culture Pearl is known to have a satiny and highly reflective luster, specially those graded with AAA quality. 

  • Carat

    The carat weight of Japanese Cultured Pearl Earrings ranges from 0.01 to 2 CT.  


  1. What do Japanese Cultured Pearls symbolize?  

    Japanese Cultured Pearl, known for its rarity as well as purity, have long been a symbol of health and longevity. They are also known to impart wisdom to the wearer. It is even known to harmonize hormone levels and enhance personal integrity as well. Another reason why it is so popular among women is because it is known to ease the pain of childbirth.  

  2. How can you tell the quality of a Japanese Cultured Pearl Earrings?  

    Japanese Cultured Pearls are known for their highly reflective luster and quality. If you want to judge the quality of a Japanese Cultured Pearl, you can look at its surface with a naked eye and see if it has a bright luster. If your reflection is seen quite clearly, it is known to be of high quality. To assure you of quality, we only sell GIA certified Japanese Cultured Pearl Earrings.  

  3. Can a modern woman wear Japanese Cultured Pearl Earrings?  

    Since Pearls have been there since time immemorial and have great ties with royalty, it is misconceived to be a traditional pick. But who isn’t mesmerized with the feminine grace that these hold? And since it now exists in a variety of modern colors including cream colored Japanese Cultured Pearl Earrings, these can be paired up with any and ever outfit even today. Aren’t you already familiar of how popular Japanese Cultured Stud Earrings have become for a subtle work look.  

  4. What is the other name of Japanese Cultured Pearl?  

    Japanese Cultured Pearl is also known as Akoya Pearl since it is found in the Akoya Oyster of Japan which can produce more than two pearls per harvest.  

  5. What is the birthstone of Japanese Cultured Pearl?  

    Japanese Cultured Pearl, a semi-precious gemstone, are known to be a birthstone of June and a traditional gift for 3rd wedding anniversary.  

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