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Halo Earrings: eye-catching, sparkling and elegant, all at once! If you’re a fan of earrings studded with sparkling diamond, we bet you won’t be able to look past these pair of earrings. Yes we’re talking about its graceful appearance wherein these have a center gemstone encircled intricately with a loop of small precious diamond. Got an idea how the name ‘halo’ itself has been derived? That’s also what adds to the uniqueness of these earrings and makes them one of the trendiest picks. Another intriguing USP is that you can find a halo set earrings in drops, studs and dangle as well. Cool, isn’t it? While Halo earrings studs make for a small minimalist fashion statement, perfect to be worn to work everyday, Halo drop earrings look a lot more feminine and loud and Halo dangle earrings fit just right with all your fancy party outfits. You see the versatility? The trend for Halo earrings is sure on the rise because when a gemstone is combined with diamonds, pleasing eyes is not so tough! Everybody loves the studded appearance of their earrings, makes it look luxurious, radiant and fancy. While a halo earrings white gold looks radiant, yellow gold makes halo earrings look lustrous and halo earrings rose gold looks more unique and feminine.

Halo diamond earrings are one of the most popular among all since when diamond is encircled with some more diamond, who would be able to resist the spark? More the diamond, more the appeal right! In fact anything when enhanced with diamond, makes it look just more glamorous. That being said, let’s understand this beautiful piece of artistry in our collection, specially handcrafted for you a bit more:


Illuminate your look: Versatile Halo Earrings

  • Floral Earrings with Diamond Halo:

    You won’t find a woman who isn’t mesmerized by floral earrings! Call it feminine or intensely graceful, the charm of floral earrings is further amplified by Diamond studded in Halo setting.

  • Snowflake Earrings with Diamond Halo:

    The star like crystal appearance of a pair of Snowflake earrings is sure to please any eye. Its already radiant charm is further glorified by the encircling of Diamond in a halo setup.

  • Baguette Cut Earrings with Diamond Halo:

    The timelessness of Baguette earrings embellished with colorful gemstones is something else and what further glorifies their beauty is its encircling with Diamond in a halo setting!

  • Teardrop Earrings with Diamond Halo:

    Pear Shape or Teardrop earrings look loud, pretty and graceful, all three at once! And the mere enhancement of Halo set Diamond all around, makes them look all the more royal and sparkling.

  • Oval Earrings with Diamond Halo:

    Oval Earrings embellished with vibrant gemstones have been in trend since time immemorial and when studded with Diamond in a Halo setup, these make for a perfect combination of elegance and exuberance, just right to go with your work looks as well as fancy party wears. Surely oval halo earrings are a timeless pair!

  • Round Earrings with Diamond Halo:

    Round shape earrings are a piece of jewelry we can adorn anywhere without thinking twice but what sets them apart is their Diamond studded halo encircling, whether simple diamond studded round halo earrings or a floral set or braided halo encircling. All just as pretty and distinctive!

  • Heart Earrings with Diamond Halo:

    Heart shape looks so endearing and not to mention, holds a profound meaning for those in deep love! Embellished with different color gemstones, why wouldn’t such a heartfelt pair of earrings look more stunning when its beauty is further enhanced with Diamond studded all around. That’s the whole point of Halo diamond earrings.

  • Bridal Halo Earrings:

    Walking down the aisle with loud Bridal Earrings embellished with beautiful gemstones? You know what can make its entire look pop out? An enhancement of Halo set Diamond of course! Till now you would’ve gotten the idea how an encircling of a loop of Diamond can add sparkle to any colored gemstone earrings.


Combine it with your favorite earring style!

  • Halo Stud Earrings:

    Since Stud Earrings are so trendy today and can complete all your minimalist work looks and cover your glamorous fancy looks as well with a tint of grace, these when encircled with diamond halo can surely add more definition to your appearance. That makes Halo Earrings Studs a trendy pick.

  • Halo Drop Earrings:

    Drop earrings look feminine, loud and pretty, all at once and since women are so in love with sparkle and radiance, we bet an encircling of Halo set Diamond would make you go all gaga over their magnified beauty.

  • Halo Dangle Earrings:

    Dangle earrings are already a favorite since they look pretty on every age group and don’t you agree any pair of earrings that swings below the earlobe looks distinctive and unique? But when studded with diamond all around, would anyone be able to look past the grace and dazzle of halo dangle earrings?

  • Halo Hoop Drop Earrings:

    Hoop and Drop combine the most favorite styles of women and adding more definition and charm to this unique style is the enhancement of Halo set Diamond encircling. Halo Diamond Earrings can surely add beauty and completeness to any face cut.


  1. Are halo earrings popular?

    Halo earrings have become a popular trend among women because who doesn’t like their jewelry studded with diamond all around. Diamond encircling makes the entire look of earrings pop out, adding a hint of definition to your face as well. Since no other pair of earrings has such a unique setting, halo earrings have become a favorite of all.

  2. What are halo diamond stud earrings?

    When the center gemstone of stud earrings is encircled with loop of Diamond set in a halo setting, the pair is known as halo diamond stud earrings. Stud earrings have a timeless appearance and being embedded with a layer of small diamond only makes them look more desirable.

  3. What does halo mean?

    The halo term itself refers to the setting wherein the center gemstone is encircled with small diamond in a loop to complete its look.

  4. How to care for halo earrings?

    While diamond is durable, perfect to be worn on a daily basis, the center gemstone of halo earrings would require some extra care. Make sure to clean it gently with a mixture of lukewarm soapy water along with a soft cloth to dry it out. Also, take it to a professional every once in a while to tighten, polish and clean the gemstone to maintain its new like luster.

  5. What metal to combine your Halo earrings with?

    Since the luster of gold is so timeless, our collection of Halo earrings comes combined in a variety of gold metal colors including white gold, yellow gold and rose gold. Halo set Diamond combined with gold makes these an alluring pick, sure to please your eyes!

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