Gold Pendant

Gold Pendant

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Gold Pendant

Gold Pendant Necklace - A Stunning and alluring collection. Pure gold is the yellow color gold. By mixing with alloys we create white and rose gold. Gold metal doesn’t react with any solvent, thus doesn’t cause any skin problem. In ancient time people consider wearing gold as the sign of wealth and it meant good health. Gold Jewelry has always been everyone’s most favorite, due to its durability and gorgeous looking metal.

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Rose gold Pendant is the mixture of pure gold and copper, while white gold is the mixture of pure gold with nickel and zinc. It’s a myth that white and rose gold is less pure than yellow gold. They are equally pure and have the same price for the same karats. The Gold Material is the most used material for jewelry ornaments. Buy Traditional Women's Gold Pendant necklace with a  breathtaking look. For an enchanting pendant, gold material can be a good option.


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