garnet earrings

garnet earrings

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What Are Garnet Earrings?

Earrings that feature garnet gemstones are known as Garnet Earrings. The beautiful red gemstone that resembles the color of the blood and is known to be associated with heart and blood. People believed Garnet’s mystical powers include the power to counter boredom, inspire the heart of the wearer to do some great deeds, improve blood circulation and relieve the wearer from hemorrhage.

Why Choose Garnet Earrings?

Garnet earrings are a must have in your collection of earrings because of many reasons. Garnet is related to inner fire, heart, blood and life force. These things make Garnet a symbol of love. Garnet symbolizes a quick return to fertility, a separated love and fertility. The beautiful deep intense hues of Garnet resemble pomegranate and look great with all the dresses. Garnet earrings make you look royal and uplifts your mood almost instantly.

Garnet is the official birthstone for the month of January and is known to ignite fire and passion in the heart of the wearer. Since long, Garnet has been used to rekindle the fire and passion in the relationships that no longer have the same spark.

Buy Garnet Earrings From Rosec Jewels

Our designers offer you a beautifully wide variety of garnet earrings. These designs are inspired from the western culture as well as the Indian roots. Our pieces are designed keeping in mind your stunning looks as well as your need to have versatility in your looks. Our designs are sure to make the heads turn. Shop for the beautiful Garnet Earrings with us to get the best and unique pieces not found anywhere else. Our range includes Garnet studs, drops and dangles which feature Garnet gemstone in beautiful precision cuts etc.


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