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Emerald ring and Its Significance

Emerald is a very beautiful green stone. You can gauge the beauty of this stone by the fact that they included it twice as an anniversary stone for the 20th and 35th anniversary. Natural transparent emerald is one of the four precious stones (other three being Ruby, Sapphire and Diamond). Emerald rings signify new beginnings and love of the couple. The bright color of the beautiful stone makes the ring eye catchy and looks gorgeous in the fingers even making them look slender and petite.

Emerald is a tough stone which doesn’t scratch easily and a little bit of maintenance will make it go a long way. The emerald rings last for a lifetime with a little care and maintenance.Emerald rings signify new beginnings and can be birthstone rings for the month of May. Emerald also holds astrological importance as it is the astrological gem for Cancerian placements. A prized gem, a fine Emerald stone can be 3X prized as much as a Diamond..

Is Emerald Good For an Engagement Ring

Emerald engagement rings are a symbol of new beginnings and love between the couple. Emerald as a stone is very beautiful and allows the beauty of the hands of the wearer to be enhanced. The bright green color can uplift the mood almost instantly which can also act as a mood booster. She will look at the ring for the rest of her life, if the stone or the color of the stone is calming, it will help both of you in having a peaceful life together.

Since emerald rings come in a plethora of options. The rings range from dainty studded bands to chunky pieces. Since Emerald goes well with rose, yellow and white gold, it adds to the beauty and elegance of the hands of the wearer and adds a grace and elegance to the overall look of the wearer too. Emerald is considered to render calming effects to the wearer of the ring thus allows the room for calmer waters. It is an excellent choice if one wants to mark the start of a lifetime of togetherness in an elegant and graceful manner!!

Natural Emerald Ring & Lab Created Emerald Ring

Natural Emerald contains more visual variations as compared to the lab grown ones due to the presence of different minerals in the gemstone. Inclusions make the jewellery look beautiful and unique. Though natural ones look beautiful, some people prefer lab grown due to the lack of “flaws” (they see inclusions as flaws). Though lab grown emeralds are more clear, they are lesser in price than the natural ones. Sometimes, the lab grown quality is not upto the mark either. Though lab created emeralds are real emeralds, they are not considered authentic as they are man made and not nature grown.

Buy Emerald Ring From Rosec Jewels

Here at Rosec Jewels we offer a variety of emerald rings be it emerald halo rings, antique  engagement rings, heart shaped rings and much much more!! We offer the rings in 10k, 14k and 18k qualities in rose, yellow and white gold. We also offer different gemstone shapes and cuts. The rings can be customised to suit your preference too. Make the start of your togetherness something to remember for both of your lifetimes with our emerald engagement rings craft with immense love and care so that you can be carefree in expressing it to your beloved..

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