Earring Oval

Earring Oval

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Oval Diamond Earrings

They are elegant and brilliant, with an elongated shape that makes your diamond look even bigger than actual carat size. If you look at the sparkles of the round cut diamond but looking for some unique shape then, an oval shape diamond is the one for you. With the brilliant-cut diamond, the amount of light it reflects looks really flattering. When equating an oval cut and round cut diamond of the same carat weight, the oval will have a larger surface area. So, by spending the same amount of money you can get a larger diamond look in the oval. The Oval Diamond Earring is very popular and it looks larger than a Round Diamond at the same carat weight. 

Oval-Shaped Diamond Earrings

For stunning earrings, you can choose Oval Halo Diamond Earrings, this sparkling earring will shimmer your look perfectly and will give you a fascinating party look. Or for simple elegant wear you can go for Oval Diamond Studs, they will compliment your workwear gracefully without being too flashy. Oval Diamond has a Romantic Shape that is perfect for Couples. We offer the Oval Shaper Diamond Stud Earring in Rose, White, and Yellow Gold. And you can also personalize your Oval Cut Diamond Earring by spending time thinking about what metal you'll go with. 


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