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Earring Material

Earring can be made in a number of materials, including metal, precious stones and, other materials. But Gold and platinum are the most popular precious metals to sculpt earrings. Platinum Earrings are more precious and durable than gold, earrings look sparkling and gorgeous in platinum material. Gold Earrings are low in price than platinum so it would be a great option for people with low budgets. Since white gold material gives similar glimmer and appears like platinum, so you can use that.

White, Rose, Yellow Gold and Platinum Earrings

Yellow gold and rose gold give a rich vintage appeal to the earring and makes designs it more enchanting. Selecting a correct ring material is as important as ring design or stone because it will be the foundation of the earring. A perfect Gold Stud Earring, the material will magnify the earrings appeal.

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