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Cushion Cut Diamond Earrings

Cushion cut once referred to the old mine cut, a square cut with rounded corners looks much like a pillow. This cut is around for 200 years and was the most famous diamond shape similar to round cut diamonds today. The cushion cut is usually square or slightly rectangular in shape. The cushion-cut diamonds have large facets, which highlight the clarity and it gives the diamond a higher brilliance.

Cushion Diamond Earring for Girls

Cushion cut diamond is very versatile. When you are wearing cushion cut Diamond Earrings you are bound to turn more than a few heads. Cushion Halo Diamond Earrings can capture the best light and make you look more gorgeous. A pair of Simple Diamond Studs, in white gold, will add elegance without distraction. If you are looking for something understated, yet classy and stunning thing then, Cushion Cut Diamond Earrings can satisfy your need gracefully.


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