Earring Baguette


Baguette Diamond Earrings

Baguette means ‘long rod’, they bring a different dimension to diamond which no other shapes can achieve. Easily can compose into innovative designs from dreamy to romantic, edgy and attention-grabbing, baguette-cut diamonds have it all. When baguette engraves in Earrings design it gives an instantly chic and modern look to the earrings. Baguette-cut diamonds have 14 facets which result in the incredible show of lights.

Baguette Gold Earrings - Hoop, Stud, Drop Cluster 

They commonly used as the side stones to accentuate the beauty of the center stone. The striking flash of light makes any earring glittery and gorgeous. Whether it be Baguette Studs or Baguette Drops, each earring has its own style and shimmer. Perfect for you workwear as well as a casual look, these earrings will glorify immensely.


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