E 14K White Gold

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14k White Gold Earring

White Gold Earring can add a twist to any types of earrings. White gold is the alloy that made with the mixture of pure gold and another metal and then coated with rhodium metal for distinctive color. It’s easy to keep white gold shiny and smooth compared to yellow gold. Bright and colored gemstones take center stage in white gold, enhance the stone sparkle. Diamonds also come with full potential in white gold as the sparkling white gold metal will glow the earring.

14 Karat Solid Gold Earrings - Stud, Hoop, Dangle

Nothing says glamour like white gold. 14kt White Gold has the same amount of pure gold as yellow gold. Your evening dress beauty can elaborate with White Gold Stud Earrings or delicate dangling white gold earring gives you a feminine touch to your dress.


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