Drop and Dangle Earrings

Drop and Dangle Earrings

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What Are Drop & Dangle Earrings?

Drop earrings as the name suggests hang just below the earlobes and do not move even when the wearer walks or swings the head! Even if the movement takes place, it is limited and only comes right off the base. The hanger used for the drop piece is usually “o-ring”. They usually use studs or posts as their closure.

Dangle earrings on the other hand swing from side to side and move with the movement of the wearer. The length varies from piece to piece there are no fixed set of rules regarding the length of the dangle. They come in various styles. Some dangles are short, others are long and can even brush the shoulders. Some might have multiple dangles of uneven lengths. Simple chain earrings with a gemstone or a bead as a dangle attached can be a type too. Dangle earrings can be drop earrings but drop earrings cannot be drop earrings.

How To Choose The Perfect Drop or Dangle Earrings?

The perfect earrings do exist if you know how to choose them. Use this handy guide to realise what suits you the best!

  • Personal Style: Unique personal style and preferences matter the most when you choose the earrings. Some prefer dangles over drop and vice versa. Since both the earrings have their own pros and cons and accordingly, a separate fan base, it is advisable that you observe your own choices before you buy them. Sometimes some people are collectors which have both the earrings to use at their perusal depending on their mood. The choice also tells about the personality of the wearer as well as the mood she is in.
  • Comfort: Comfort when you wear the jewellery takes a priority when you know you have to wear them for a longer time duration. Sometimes the weight of the earrings can get too much to handle. Drops are usually lighter in weight and more comfortable than dangles. Weight of the earrings can have an impact on the earlobe too. There are cases when the holes of the earlobes have widened because of the weight of the earrings.
  • Hair: The kind of hairstyle you make can have an impact on the type of earrings you choose. Drop earrings can look perfect with almost every hairstyle but dangle earrings can look good with short hair or hair tied up in a bun.
  • Occasion: Occasion for which you are getting ready plays the key role in choosing the earrings. A formal event will require drop earrings while a fun event or occasion can make use of dangle earrings. Drop earrings are more appreciated for serious occasions while danglers are good for fun parties and occasions.

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    Here at Rosec Jewels we offer a wide variety of Drop and Dangle Earrings. We craft our Drop and Dangle Earrings keeping in mind the style and fashion statement that they are. We know how much you like this stunning pair and thus we thrive to create them with amazing perfection so that you are high on confidence always!!!We hail from Jaipur(India) and thus our designs are intricate and very unique that are not found anywhere else. Our variety is unmatched and the designs are unique and inimitable. Try our Drop and Dangle Earrings to boost up your confidence levels and allow them to make your already stylish looks even more stylish!!

    We offer FreshWater Pearl Drop Earrings, Blue Sapphire Dangle Earrings, Marquise Shape Diamond Drop Earrings, Gemstone Cluster Dangle Earrings etc. We craft them in Rose, Yellow and White Gold. We offer them in 14k and 18k. We offer some designs in the 10k variety too.

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