Cushion Bracelet

Cushion Bracelet

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Cushion Bracelet

As it sounds cushion cut is square and rectangular shape looks like a pillow. The cushion cut diamond has comprised of 58 facets. the large facets of cushion cut allow a great light dispersion. People who prefer vintage jewelry cushion cut diamond is perfect for them. Cushion cut diamond is known as the old mine cut. These diamonds have an old-world charm. The old cushion cut has more sparkle as compare to modern cut.

Cushion Diamond Gemstone Bracelet in White Gold

Gemstones look great in a cushion cut. Cushion-Cut Gemstone Bracelet is the perfect pair of jewelry for someone who loves unique and old charm things. The sparkle of these diamonds is very distinctive than others. You can also custom Cushion Diamond Gemstone Bracelet, tennis bracelets look fantastic in combinations, especially in diamonds and gemstones.


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