Crawler Earrings

Crawler Earrings


What Are Crawler Earrings?

Crawler Earrings have a design that seems to defy gravity. They look as if they are climbing the ears. They have a thin delicate band which is sometimes curved and more often than not is bejeweled. They seem to float up the outside of the ear.

They are mostly worn in both the ears though some people wear it in only one ear too!. They are statement pieces but somehow manage to be minimalistic magically!They are loved by the people because they give a fresh and new look to the people. An ear piercing usually means studs or drop earrings which people usually think of when they think of earrings. Crawler earrings bring a fresh wave of fashion to these people allowing them to feel better and more confident in experimenting with their looks and choices.

How To Choose The Perfect Crawler Earrings?

  • Observe the shape of your face. Not every face shape looks great in every style and type of Ear Crawler earrings.
  • How you wear your hair is very important since the type you choose might not look great with the hairstyle that you have chosen. You would want to choose a Crawler earrings that accentuates your look and not subdues it!
  • The color of the Crawler earrings matter a lot. Color must suit your skin tone, eyes and hair color. Sometimes people choose the wrong pair and their ensemble looks very different from what a correct pair could make it look like. The color of the earrings must enhance the eye, hair and skin color.
  • The age of the person for whom you are buying the Crawler earrings. Not every Ear Crawler earrings suits every age. The gift to a teenager should be different than the gift to a grown up person, say, in his/ her forties.

  • Buy Crawler Earrings From Rosec Jewels

    Here at Rosec Jewels we offer a wide variety of Crawler earrings. We craft our Crawler earrings keeping in mind the style and fashion statement that they are. We know how much you like this stunning pair and thus we thrive to create them with amazing perfection so that you are high on confidence always!!!

    We hail from Jaipur(India) and thus our designs are intricate and very unique that are not found anywhere else. Our variety is unmatched and the designs are unique and inimitable. Try our Crawler earrings to boost up your confidence levels and allow them to make your already stylish looks even more stylish!! We offer Blue London Topaz Crawler Earrings, freshwater pearl crawler earrings etc. We craft them in Rose, Yellow and White Gold. We offer them in 14k and 18k. We offer some designs in the 10k variety too.

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