Bracelet Emerald Cut

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Emerald-Cut Bracelet

Speaks volume of vintage glamour and old charm. The emerald cut is one of the first cuts used in jewelry designs. Emerald cut diamond is the rectangular shape with chopped corners and abroad and flat plane. The emerald cut is the member of the step-cut family with cushion and baguette-cut. The emerald cut is usually comprised of 57 facets. Emerald cut diamond typically has less fire than brilliant cuts. They showcase the clarity of the diamond perfectly.

Emerald-Cut Diamond Gemstone Bracelets

Emerald cut Bracelets can craft in a wide range, you can sculpt this with gemstones or with diamonds. They look perfect in every style, especially in unique and vintage designs. Emerald Tennis Bracelets is the dramatic pieces you can add more shimmer by halo set in the bracelet or you can wear Emerald Cut Gemstone Bracelets they will embellish your soul with style and class.


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