Black Spinel Rings

Black Spinel Rings

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What Are Black Spinel Rings ?

Black spinel is a beautiful opaque black stone known for its grounding properties. Black spinel rings make use of black spinel stone as their main stone. These rings are very beautiful and since black spinel has a color contrast with white gold, it is usually crafted in white gold though it looks brilliant in rose and yellow gold too.

Difference Between Black Onyx And Black Spinel Ring

Following are some of the differences between Black Onyx and Black Spinel Rings:

  • Black Onyx score a 7 on the hardness scale while Black Spinel scores an 8
  • Black Onyx is vitreous but waxy whereas, Black Spinel has glass like shine, sparkle and luster.
  • Black Onyx is fit for cuts like Marquise, Square, Trillion, Round And Oval whereas, Black Spinel is a fit for Marquise, Trillion, Octagon, Oval, Kite, Baguette, Pear And Round.

  • Is Black Spinel Good for Engagement Ring

    Black Spinel is hard and very valuable. It's suitable for daily wear jewellery because of its hardness. Black Spinel is not easily scratchable though good care, if taken, can make the ring last for a lifetime! This rare gemstone is considered to have grounding properties which are very good for healing purposes thus making it an even better choice to use in engagement rings.

    Buy Black Spinel Ring From Rosec Jewels

    Here at rosec jewels, we offer a wide variety of black spinel rings which include filigree rings, dainty eternity bands, halo wedding rings etc. We use authentic gems and high quality of gold be it yellow, white or rose.

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