Black Onyx Earrings

Black Onyx Earrings


What Are Black Onyx Earrings?

As the name suggests, earrings featuring Black Onyx as the main stone are Black Onyx Earrings. Black Onyx was used by ancient Egyptians to make bowls and jewelry over 4000 years ago!! Onyx was used by ancient Romans and Greeks because of their healing properties. Today, Black Onyx is used in various jewelry pieces including earrings, bracelets and rings etc. Black Onyx is a very beautiful stone and has been very popular with jewellers because of easy workability. It ranks a good 6.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness which makes it easy to carve and shape but also durable enough to be worn as jewellery.

Why Choose Black Onyx Earrings?

Beauty is not the only thing good about a black onyx. Black Onyx is known for its healing prowess and the magical powers. It has been long thought to be an omen of Happiness, Strength & stamina, goodluck, fortune & wealth. Many people believe that black onyx can remove the negative emotions, memories and thoughts of the past of the person and thus making him/ her peaceful by bringing them healing.

Other reasons to have this stunning gemstone in your beautiful collection of jewellery includes the ability of the stone to give you a striking look no matter what you wear or no matter when you wear it. The stone is very beautiful and matches with the color of your eyes making them pop and matches with your skin tone no matter what!!! Other qualities include its compatibility with the metal of your choice be it rose, yellow or white gold, black onyx gives the jewellery an appeal like none other!!

Buy Black Onyx Earrings From Rosec Jewels

Rosec Jewels strictly believe in giving you a beautiful collection that is meant to give you the striking and royal look that you aptly deserve. Our designs are very beautiful and our inspiration comes from the indian culture that has some very beautiful designs and motifs and historically speaking is the richest in arts and architecture which make our designs very detailed and beautiful. Browse through our collection of Black Onyx Earrings to go for the design that you resonate with the most.

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