Birthstones by Month


Birthstones are gemstones that are corresponding to one of the 12 months of the year, every gemstone has different look and properties. Wearing gemstone as per your birth month, bring good fortune, prosperity and happiness in your life. All 12 months in the  year  has  their different gemstones, Like January month birthstone is “Garnet”,  February month birthstone is “Purple Amethyst”,  March month birthstone is “Aquamarine”, April month birthstone is “Diamond”, May month birthstone is “ Green Emerald”,  June month birthstone is  “Pearls”, July month birthstone is “Ruby”, August month birthstone is “ Peridot”, September month  birthstone is “Sapphire”, October month birthstone is “ Opal and Pink Tourmaline”, November birthstone is “Citrine and  Topaz”, December birthstone is “Blue Topaz” and “Tanzanite”.  So, what’s your style? Choose a birthstone of your choice from our exclusive collection of birthstones by month. 


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