Baguette Cut Necklace

Baguette Cut Necklace

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Baguette Pendant

They have long rod shape which makes it's different from other diamonds. No diamond shape is even near to baguette-cut diamond’s shape. Baguette-cut has 14 facets which are the react of the immense shimmer of these diamonds. Baguette diamond can enhance any style pendant, from vintage styles to modern style pendant. This attention-grabbing diamond has it all.

Baguette Diamond Pendant Necklace

Innovatively designed Baguette Diamond Pendants pair with the stunning dress can complement your special occasion. This diamond looks great in the gold metal base. Crafted in rose gold baguette diamonds can give enchanting pendants. Personalized Baguette Pendants are one of the most popular diamond pieces for women. Easily compose in different style baguette diamond is perfect for the ones who want captivating jewelry.


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