Baguette Bracelet

Baguette Bracelet

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Baguette Bracelet

They are more common than you think. The perfect accent for a sparkling centerpiece whether it be vintage or contemporary, a perfect reminiscent of vintage designs and a perfect soulmate to modern minimalist designs. The baguette-cut diamonds is the long, rectangular shape with 14 facets. People often confuse the baguette and emerald-cut diamonds, but they are very distinctive. Baguette Bracelets are mostly not too dramatic pieces, they craft in simple things to make them glow.

Baguette-Cut Diamond Gold Bracelets

Baguette-cut diamonds mostly used to embellish tennis bracelets, as jewelers do not craft baguette cut diamond in large carat weight. Baguette Tennis Bracelets are the classic piece, simple delicate piece to accessorize with your party wear as well as can perfectly compliment your casual look. You can sculpt this piece in platinum or in white gold for a more sparkling appeal or you can go for yellow to make it more classic and royal jewelry piece


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