B18K White Gold

18k White Gold Bracelet

Sparkling white gold is the mixture of pure gold and nickel with rhodium plating, which responsible for the shining texture of the metal. People prefer white gold more because it shares the visual similarities with platinum and comparatively comes at a low price. People who want shimmery platinum band but can’t afford, white gold is the perfect escape for you people. 18k White Gold Bracelets is the bright shine accessory, perfect for every woman

18kt White Gold Diamond Charm Bracelet

Design style looks more delicate and shimmery in white gold metal. Charm Bracelets are the elegant feminine piece which looks beautiful in white gold, it enhances the sparkles of dangling charms. Diamond Tennis Bracelets are enchanting jewelry pieces, engraved diamond’s sparkles are complimented by white gold metal. Bright shine metal will perfectly blend with your other accessories.


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