B 14K Yellow Gold

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14K Yellow Gold Bracelet

Yellow gold is the most popular and utilizes metal in jewelry. It is the mixture of pure gold and some alloys, to make pure gold suitable for jewelry making. Yellow gold has the purest color of gold. 14k Gold Bracelets are more affordable then 18k, as 14k has less pure gold than 18k, that's why the price is also low as compared to 18k. Vintage Gold Charm Bracelets looks enchanting in yellow gold, vintage designs look more heartwarming in bright yellow gold. yellow gold also not require to check weekly, you can check them once in a year.

14kt Gold Diamond Bracelets for Women

charm bracelets look sparkling in yellow gold, a thin gold chain with petite dangling charms makes the delicate women's accessory. Women love to adorn themselves with the shining yellow gold bracelets. Gold Cuff Bracelets are the spanking stack for the fashionable girls, they compliment other pieces pretty well.


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