B 14K Rose Gold

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14K Rose Gold Bracelet

Rose gold is the mixture of pure gold and copper which gives rosy color, a pinkish hue metal. It gives soothing and romantic appeal to the jewelry. Rose Gold Bracelet is the simple delicate bracelets, rose gold gives them a distinctive visual impact. People who prefer unusual things and want to wear something different, then Gold Charm Bracelets are for them. Rose gold is perfect for the old charm lover. Vintage Rose Gold Bracelets are the eye-candy of the jewelry stores. the most enchanting and gorgeous pieces are crafted in rose gold.

14kt Rose Gold Engraved Bracelets

You can customize these pieces effectively, delicate designs look seamless in rose gold. Name Gold Bracelets can make a delicate statement with rose gold, innovative designs and soft rose gold metal's texture is the perfect combination for a spanking bracelet. 


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