Asscher Bracelet

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Asscher Bracelet

Asscher cut is the unique shape with the prismatic brilliance and a rectangular-faceted pavilion similar to the emerald cut. Asscher cut diamond usually have 58 facets. The Asscher cut is referred to as the square emerald cut. Asscher cut is developed in the 20th century at the art deco movement. Asscher cut is perfect to encase in a unique and antique piece. Asscher Cut Bracelet has a distinctive charm and perfect for old soul women.

Asscher Cut Diamond Bracelets Bangles

These diamonds can perfectly adorn tennis bracelets, especially antique designer pieces. Vintage Asscher Diamond Bracelet will mesmerize you with its immense sparkle and can make your style glow. You can go ahead of the curve with Asscher Diamond Station Bracelet, this delicate piece can be the dream accessory for every young woman


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