The famous Mount Kilimanjaro of Tanzania has given the world, amazing quality Tanzanite. The highest quality was extracted in the first batch and is considered very precious and rare till today. The intense blue was naturally heated and have a marvelous shine that remains unmatched to date. Later, these days the extracted rough Tanzanite is brownish and gets the blue-violet or light blue color after getting the heat treatment. Such, treatment is a part of making them marketable and is not any artificial treatment. It is done to enhance the quality and that's what you have to look for while buying your Tanzanite rings.

Characteristics of high quality Tanzanite

The characteristics are essential to locate the genuine Tanzanite which will be giving you all the reasons to feel proud of your jewelry. The important characteristic is:

  1. The color tone of Tanzanite: The tone has to be darker, it has to be intense blue and just like ink. The deeper the better is the stone and it is rare, you will not be seeing a newly extracted December birthstone after 2 or 3 decades. The collectible items will be prized good and is a sure-shot investment for you. The saturation of color may vary as photographs do not provide an exact color tone. For avoiding such mistakes, one should go for certified jewelry as they mention the color tone specifically.

  2. Clarity of tanzanite: Clarity is the key to identifying the real Tanzanite, the real ones are extremely pure and do not have a single inclusion. Inclusion in this particular gemstone is always due to breaks or fractures which directly degrades the value of the gemstone. The next time you buy a Wedding Tanzanite band, look deeper and check the inclusions.

  3. Tanzanite stone cutting: Stone cutting should result in a completely proportioned gemstone else, it will not give you a good value when you later sell it. A skilled cutter will never harm the proportion and will have minimum wastage and convert rough into a finely finished gemstone.

  4. Carat value of Tanzanite: The higher the carat value, the more precious will be the gemstone and it will be considered more expensive.

Tips to confirm the best quality of Tanzanite

  1. Your Tanzanite jewelry has to have a high carat value as it represents that it is rare and has a good market value. You need to ensure that the product is purchased from a reliable source.

  2. The deep color has to be checked by you, ink-like color is prized high and you have to ensure that you get the real ones. The light shades are having very nominal value and you need to understand that the true value of such stone is comparatively low as the quality is considered lower.

  3. Ensure it has the ideal harness which is roughly between 6 - 6.5 Mohs. Such details are usually mentioned in the product description. These help you to define your gemstone in a better way and get the value of your jewelry at the time of resale.

  4. The cut should be in proper proportion and it will help you to measure the quality of the gemstone as it will have a perfect finish based upon the magical cutting skills used by the artisans. The minimal the wastage, the better value of money which is spent on the Tanzanite jewelry.

  5. Always buy certified jewelry from a reliable source, we offer only certified jewelry and if you have your eyes laid on a product, we are here to please you by letting you wear it, buy now.

Types of Tanzanite Jewelry

The different types of jewelry that are made using Tanzanite are:

  1. Yellow Gold Tanzanite Rings - The yellow ring will be giving you the feel of royal possession and you can enjoy it thoroughly. The real one will be having a very deep blue shade and it will be a royal feeling for you to wear such an artistic piece. The classic range by us will be giving you rings suitable for different occasions like wearing them to parties or for gifting purposes. You can know more about different gifting ideas that we have shared to help you gift relevant and precious jewelry on different occasions.

  2. Vintage Tanzanite Necklace - Necklaces are the best accessory that one can wear to different events and express joy for the special occasion. A woman who is happy and is joyous will always look the same inside out and such accessory help you represent yourself as the one. Give yourself a chance and outshine in the best possible way. Here is your chance to get this feeling and express yourself in class.

The range of items that are made using Tanzanite December Birthstone attracts collectors and jewel enthusiasts from all over the world. It helps to grab the healing properties of the gemstone which ultimately benefits the person who is wearing it. Such pieces of jewelry are here to help you outshine and enjoy yourself, you can just feel good about having it. These are rare and should be enjoyed.

September 30, 2022 — Rosec Jewels

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