Tanzanite is the blue-violet gemstone that is found in Tanzania. It is considered December’s Birthstone and is having different appearance from different angles after exposing it to direct light. The scientific name for this aesthetic piece of nature is “Blue Zoisite”. The first discovery was made in 1967 followed by mining millions of carat before 1971. The gemstone is not very popular as people are unaware of its beauty and the way it has changed the fortune of Tanzania people. Before you plan to buy Tanzanite jewelry, we have key points to discuss and guide you about its characteristics and what factors determine the value of your purchase.

Key Characteristic of Tanzanite (4 C’s)

There is a strong myth among people to consider Tanzanite as a near replacement for Blue Sapphire, it is not an alternative. The value of this magnificent gemstone is based upon the four characters; Color, Carat, Clarity, and Cut. Each plays a major role in the calculation of the stone price and hence determines the true value of the birthstone jewelry.

Color - The untreated Tanzanite is blue in color and after heat treatment, it gets the clue, clue-violet, or transparent blue-violet color. The treatment is accepted globally and is necessary to make this magical art marketable. The blue color Tanzanite rings, bracelets, pendants, and earrings are considered as the most prized as it resembles the iconic Blue Sapphire. The intense blue-violet color is also prized well other colors are not having compatible values and are very popular due to the nominal pricing. The first discovered Tanzanite are rare as they were exposed to natural heat and have an intense blue color which is highly expensive.

Carat - The bigger the stone, the better is the carat value. Tanzanite is considered as valuable birthstone jewelry when the carat value is high. The most expensive one is beyond 5 carats, the carat value is the weight of the gemstone. The carat value for your Tanzanite vintage engagement ring is mentioned clearly in the product description, please have a look at the same and know your stone.

Clarity - It should be crystal clear with a naked eye view. The inclusions can only be seen through a microscope and it doesn’t hinder value if are natural inclusions. The other way around, if those are fractures, cracks, the result of overheating, or any treatment side effect; it will degrade the value at a very large scale. The clearer, the better will be the value for Tanzanite.

Cut - The amazing color of this beautiful stone largely depends upon the technique used to cut the gemstone. Unlike another gemstone, cutting of Tanzanite results in less wastage, and hence the value is determined based on the end color of the finished Tanzanite.

The proportion of Tanzanite is important for its valuation

There are majorly three types of proportion that will be determining the value of your Tanzanite December birthstone bracelet. The three main features of determining ideal proportion are the width of the table, the height of the crown, and depth of the pavilion. The one more amount of depth of pavilion is considered as too deep, the one with a width of the table is considered as too shallow and the ideal well-cut have three features proportionately distributed.

Certain Marketing facts that will help you understand Tanzanite better

1. No Tanzanite is Unheated

There is no such stone that is unheated, especially when we consider Tanzanite. It is the one that attains marketability only after getting heated. the blue color is a result of chemical change in the stone when the brown rough Tanzanite is heated to a certain level, it turns into blue, blue-violet, or transparent blue-violet color.

2. The grading system is Unavailable for Tanzanite

No grading system is yet developed for Tanzanite and the jewelry providers who claim to offer a particular grade are just making up a marketing pitch. You need to determine the value of the gemstone based upon the characteristics mentioned above. No grading scale or technique can help you determine the stone’s true value.

3. No organization can grade Tanzanite

If any organization claims to grade the stone, they are just trying to do so but are not authorized by any regulation or recognized by any institute.

The above details are based on research and include all the essential details which will help you to buy genuinely prized Tanzanite. It is having a lot more benefits and can bring good luck to your life. If you are born in December, then go for a Tanzanite pendant and get certified jewelry from us with after-sale benefits like a lifetime warranty. We are having a wide range of jewelry options as per the ongoing trend, choose the one which suits you the most.

September 30, 2022 — Rosec Jewels

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