The intense blue December birthstone is known as Tanzanite. The newly discovered which is on the verge of being fully extracted is a magical stone. It will be the first stone that will get completely extracted from its natural environment within 100 years of its discovery. Presently, we have enough Tanzanite and it will not vanish, our generation can enjoy this beautiful gift from nature completely. Let’s have a look at the guide which has every single detail that will help you to know this stone from the point of view of an expert.

Meaning and History of Tanzanite

A precious stone that was introduced to the world by Tiffany & Co. was discovered in Tanzania in the early 1960s. It become a famous gemstone since then and has been regarded as the most beautiful gemstone for creating precious jewelry. The name is originated from the land of origin, Tanzania.

It belongs to the zoisite mineral class and is having a low hardness which triggers the need to handle it with care. The beautiful gemstone is considered a close replacement for Blue Sapphire and Blue Topaz which amazes people who love jewelry. The historical discovery of the gemstone has yet not passed 50 years and it is already famous worldwide.

  • Year of discovery - 1967 is the year when Tanzanite was found.

  • Discovered by - Manuel de Souza discovered Tanzanite.

  • Location of Discovery - Arusha, Tanzania is the place where Tanzanite was discovered.

  • Launched by - The world was introduced to Tanzanite by Tiffany & Co.

  • Mining is governed by - State Mining Corporation, STAMICO.

Pleochroism in Tanzanite

The ability to show different colors in various directions by the stone is termed Pleochroism. It is having an attractive presence and one can easily notice these beautiful phenomena when the stone is exposed to light.

Heat Treatment in Tanzanite

The treatment that will be enhancing the color of your gemstone is the heat treatment. It is a valid procedure that is not considered adulteration. It is done to enhance the color of the gemstone. The ink-blue and intense blue color is achieved by heating the rough Tanzanite.

Healing Properties of December Birthstone

The healing properties of the December birthstone which can benefit the native are:

  1. To overcome the loss of self-esteem and uplift the level of confidence.

  2. Improves the performance of the person and helps them to enjoy inner peace.

  3. The serenity of mind is one of the most amazing offerings of this magical gemstone.

  4. Helps to improve health by inner cleaning of the system.

How to Care for Tanzanite

You need to take care of your Tanzanite Jewelry as it is the one that is not quite hard and can be easily exposed to external issues such as fractures, scratches, and breaks. You cannot wear your prong Tanzanite ring while you go hiking or for cardio. But you can wear them to events, parties, date nights, and even for clubbing. It just needs to be away from the mess and the knife. It is a one of kind rare piece of jewelry that you need to clean regularly.

Please be very careful while you use your deodorants, detergents, and any formulation having harsh chemicals. It can harm your stone adversely. The best solution is to remove your jewelry and then get yourself dedicated to the specific task. Experts advise you to wear jewelry after getting all decked up and complete your make-up. It helps to avoid exposure to any sort of chemical, the mildest one can hamper the color of the stone.

To know more, check out “Jewelry care”. We have summed up all the details of the precautions.

Uses of Tanzanite

The different uses of Tanzanite for everyone include wearing it in different forms of jewelry. The following jewelry can be enjoyed for different occasions:

1. Tanzanite Rings

The rings which are perfect blue to suit your personality are here. We have multiple options for you and you can enjoy each and every piece at a specific time. There are rings for your big day that will help you to outperform yourself completely. The new shine in your smile and dazzling attitude will be all credited to the new possession which is the magical ring that is here to make you feel best about yourself.

2. Tanzanite Earrings

The earrings which will be your companion for every upcoming event are here. We have got the best of all time jewelry for you to make you happy and full of life. Here is your time to make the most out of the available precious jewels. We have a long list of designs and new pieces of goodness to help you make the best choice. The earrings will help you to accessorize as per the occasion and look splendid by sharing your style statement.

3. Tanzanite Bracelets

The one bracelet that lets you be the person of your thoughts. The classic bracelet range is created for meeting the needs of everyone. We have got multiple options for you and you will be enjoying every piece of jewelry completely, just by wearing them to the occasions that matter. You will be noticed by everyone and it will be adding the right amount of glitz to your overall look. You can pair these beautiful Tanzanite bracelets with your formal wear.

4. Tanzanite Necklace

The most fascinating range of pendants is available with us. We have been dedicated to our job and have been offering a wide variety of jewel pieces to everyone who is looking for such pieces. The necklaces can be worn regularly as are easy to handle. You will be surprised by the level of minimal care pendants require in comparison to your rings.

Knowing your stone is the best thing is you can use it with much caution and enjoy the limitless benefits of the gemstone. We have got many options for you and you can grab the goodness by buying any of these. We are a brand that offers only certified jewels and has been giving lifetime warranty to our customers. Before you complete your order, do check out our “buy now, pay later” payment facility and make the most profitable decision to buy the jewelry.

September 30, 2022 — Rosec Jewels

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