December Birthstone was found in Tanzania back in 1961, it was the rare intense blue color that created a classic hue that remains unmatched to date. A classic tale that has a person discovering a blue gemstone that was recognized as precious and rare by Tiffany and co. was later not accepted by their customers. Decades have passed and now the market adores this beautiful December Birthstone Tanzanite in form of rings, earrings, pendants, and bracelets. The blue color is the key to the value of the gemstone and for jewelers, it is a beautiful stone that has multiple shades to create endless fashion items for their valuable customers. We are a strong believer in the same thought and have created a wide range of jewelry for our elite customers.

Place where Tanzanite was discovered

Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, South Africa gave the world the most amazing gemstone which is believed to be formed over 585 million years ago. It is not available in abundance or at any other location. With the high rate of extraction and mining, it will soon be completely extracted and hence will become rare for the upcoming generations. The rules have been laid down for ethical mining by NGOs governing the act in Tanzania and have been banned from exporting in large quantities. But, next twenty-five years and Tanzanite will have completely vanished from the hill.

Meaning of Tanzanite

The dictionary states Tanzanite as a blue-violet gemstone with the presence of vanadium in the zoisite mineral. It is heated to get the color which is considered a marketable one. It is a strong one but needs to be handled with care. The gemstone represents the combination of purity and affection, it helps a person to welcome abundance. There are many benefits of wearing a vintage Tanzanite engagement ring such as helping to cure eye and ear diseases. The gemstone has a deep blue color which is a symbol of pureness and dignity.

Properties of Tanzanite

The properties of Tanzanite can be described under the main category of Color, Carat, Clarity, and Cut.

Color - The December Birthstone is having majorly four types of different colors which are key to evaluating the true value of the gemstone. The intense-blue color is regarded as the most prized type of color in this gemstone. The other three shades are valued comparatively nominal which include, light blue, violet-blue, and translucent blue color. It is an amazing gemstone that is known for Pleochroism. The phenomena in which light is displayed and the color of the gemstone is not limited to a single color. The different colors are beautifully reflecting the light that just meets the surface of the dazzling gemstone.

Cut - The different cuts in which Tanzanite is available include round-cut, princess cut, baguette cut, oval cut, and robust cut. All of these make amazing jewelry in form of rings, bracelets, and earrings. The proportion of stone matters for the calculation of value and you will thoroughly enjoy the classic way it will enhance the value of your jewelry pieces. The cut is an important part of the valuation of your jewelry.

Clarity - The clarity of the gemstone is measured based on the lowest number of inclusions It is important to have minimal inclusions to consider a particular stone as valuable. Natural inclusions are least and cannot be seen with naked eyes. Other are usually fractures and breaks over the gemstone.

Carat - The carat is the measuring unit for the gemstone and it is believed that it must be above 5 for considering the jewelry precious.

Types of Jewelry Made from Tanzanite

Tanzanite Bracelets

The gorgeous Bracelets which have deep-blue color give the right feeling of being the most attractive jewel piece of your collection. The variation of color is the major attraction for the people who count on these magical gemstones. The different designs and settings are suitable for men and women. We have a dense variety for both.

Tanzanite Rings

The different rings are made with the help of a team of experts which are creating unique designs and finishing the end product into a marvelous piece of jewelry. Here we are with the most amazing gemstone of all time which is just for this generation. A classic range of different rings is available eternity rings, vintage rings, engagement rings, and cocktail rings. We have options for both men and women, do not miss out on exploring the Tanzanite promise ring.

Tanzanite Pendants

The variety of pendants with Tanzanite as the main stone will be the best choice you can make for yourself. You can even gift it to a person who is born in December, it will give them the right amount of luck and prosperity. It will be too close to you and will be giving you all the reasons to become proud of the same.

Tanzanite earrings

Your party look can get completed quickly by wearing the classic earring without a fail. We are here to give you the best of the feeling just by offering a wide range of earrings you can wear easily.

The evolution of the market of Tanzanite has been fascinating for the people who are involved in it as it is a growing one and one has to be extra careful about the pleasant future of this gemstone. It was just found in Tanzania and will be soon extinct from its natural bed, the estimated amount is accounted and it strongly suggests its value will get increase as it will be a rare and precious one. The extreme level of mining can be considered one of the major causes. Hence, do not lose upon the opportunity to wear and show off your precious Tanzanite vintage rings.

September 29, 2022 — Rosec Jewels

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