Tanzanite is a December birthstone that lets the native enjoy the offering of the stone to the next level. It gives health benefits when you choose the right piece of art, the highest quality gemstone. Certain points will be essential for you to judge the quality of Tanzanite and confirm you made the right choice. As everyone needs to know these is no bench-marking by any organization which governs marketing or mining of this precious gemstone. Expert’s point of view is the only factor which will be helping you to judge better and confirm the quality of your gemstone.

Factors That Determine The Quality of Tanzanite

The characteristic of Tanzanite that determines the quality of the December gemstone includes the 4C’s and the treatment which is done to help it achieve the intense-blue color. The better the characteristics, the better is the quality and it will have a good market value as well.

All The Characteristics are Equally Important and The Details of Each are as Follows:

  1. Color - The process of heating will be responsible for the intense color of the gemstone, blue-ink-like is the highest level of shade in terms of quality. The gemstone is here to help you grab the benefits and positive energy emitted. The other three types of color are lighter and have a nominal value, these are not considered as rare. The sky-blue, translucent, and light blue colors are easily available and are not considered as the highest quality.

  2. Cut - The gemstone cut is essential as while finishing and creating the desired cut, the rough stone is crafted into a finished product. The proportion of the stone is essential as equally proportioned is considered to have a high value. The cutter has to be perfect to minimize wastage. It has to be valued and rough stone doesn’t fetch the value as a finished stone can get. The most famous cuts that are seen of Tanzanite gemstone in form of various jewelry include round-cut, cushion-cut, pear-shape, robust-cut ,and princess-cut.

  3. Clarity - The clarity of the stone will be evaluated based on the inclusions of the gemstone, it should not have any kind of breaks or fractures as precious Tanzanite rings are clear without any inclusion. The various gemstones usually have natural inclusions like in the case of emeralds and topaz and it enhances their market value. but, Tanzanite does not have any such properties.

  4. Carat - The carat value for Tanzanite is the weight of the gemstone and above 5 carats is considered highly precious. These are valued beyond the usual range of Tanzanite eternity bands which ranges between $1000 - $3000. The bracelets which have distributed stones are valued based on the weight of each stone which is reflected specifically in the product description denoted as carat. 

This gemstone is just for our generation and will soon be completed extracted and investing in this particular stone will be a bullish deal for you. Grab the fascinating range and buy it for your upcoming generation as this one will be among their most prized possession in coming decades and centuries.

The Benefit of Wearing Real Tanzanite

The high-quality Tanzanite will hold much more you expect it to offer you, just ensure it is real. The healing properties of genuine Tanzanite pendant will be helping you to fight back various health issues, good fortune will be allowing you to show your creative side.

The benefits that are going to compel you to buy Tanzanite are:

  1. Improves your perception of life - Life perception helps you perform creatively better and past studies have proven such a relationship in terms of metacognition. Well, Tanzanite can help you think better, have a new approach toward real-life situations, and perform well. A change in your outlook which will help you perform better professionally will be making you feel better and this magical gemstone can do it.

  2. Helps to achieve higher consciousness - It helps to achieve a higher consciousness and guides the native to detoxify their soul and body over some time. The gemstone will be giving you inner peace and a feeling of fullness.

  3. Offer instant calmness - After wearing Tanzanite you can easily enjoy the calmness and feeling of being at peace. The instant effect will be offered by the gemstone as it is blue and it symbolizes peace.

How to take care of real Tanzanite Jewelry?

Now when you have found the real one, you have to ensure it is taken care of in the best manner. The Care of Jewelry is essential to help you enjoy the long-lasting dazzle and shine of your jewelry.

A few tips to help you do the same are:

  1. Keep your jewelry away from harsh chemicals.
  2. Never leave your jewelry in a cluttered way.
  3. Always complete your make-up and dressing up first and lastly wear your precious Tanzanite jewelry.
  4. Make sure you clean your jewelry on regular basis.

For more information, you can check out our jewelry care section which has each of the tips in detail.

The high-quality gemstone makes you feel like royalty, it helps you achieve your targets in life. You can showcase yourself as a person who understands gemstones and feel they are worthy enough. The right setting which will be giving the comfort of wearing Tanzanite on regular basis can be easily found with is under the category of vintage Tanzanite engagement rings. We have got multiple options waiting for you to grab one for yourself.

September 29, 2022 — Rosec Jewels

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