The gemstone which is a perfect-looking one is here to give you the best of the vibes of a rare piece of art. But, not every blue-violet stone is considered Tanzanite, or a rare piece of beauty. Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania is the place where the gemstone is naturally extracted. The beautiful jewelry range is created from stone which soon will become highly precious. As almost all of the stone will be extracted from the hill in the next 2 decades.

Be fast to grab your rare Tanzanite jewelry, we have an exclusive catalog for you and you can choose the one which suits you the most. We have listed rings, bracelets, pendants, and earrings. You have to give it a look and scroll through the amazement to acknowledge the efforts of handcrafted work by our talented artisans.

Signs of Good Quality of Tanzanite

You may get confused about the stone it resembles Blue Sapphire and Amethyst, all because of the color. But one phenomenon of showing tricolors can help you find the rarest Tanzanite within a few minutes. The reflection of the light is essential, it helps to create an illusion that contributes toward the recognition of the stone.

Apart from these, other signs of good quality Tanzanite are:

  • No visible inclusions - The inclusions which degrade the value of the gemstone are visible and are a result of breakout or fractures. These are not natural and can be seen through naked eyes. The others which are natural, do not hamper the value of the gemstone and are never visible without a telescopic view. You must have the clarity of the stone in place to get it within your reach. It will offer you a sense of assurance that the product is high-quality and have good quality Tanzanite.

  • Bigger the better - The carat value of the stone has to be high in case of high quality. price may be the same for a small carat and a big carat Tanzanite jewelry as other factors are also considered while valuing the gemstone.

  • Intense-blue color - The intense blue color of the gemstone is considered the best quality benchmark for Tanzanite and one must ensure that the color is dark and not light. The light blue and translucent color is having a medium level of grade value. We have to ensure that the stone is having a sapphire-like color as it is the oldest and the most prized color for the natural tanzanite.

  • Clear cut without break - You have to keep a good watch on the stone and have to check that the cut is perfectly finished. It is a conversion of rough Tanzanite into the finest one with the help of tools and skills, finest finishing is worth it. A rough stone may not look appropriate in form of jewelry though can be an excellent décor item for pleasant vibes.

Astonishing Categories of Tanzanite Jewelry

We are offering you a chance to buy the most exclusive range of items which are listed with us. We are having compatible options covering major categories of Tanzanite rings, bracelets, earrings, and pendants. We have compatible options for each occasion that you will be enjoying miraculously, by looking naive yet very royal. The ravishing categories to help you accessorize well are:

    • 1. Rings - Finest finishing in a ring enhances its value and the overall presence of the gemstone. We ensure each of our product is perfectly finish and for your help we have following sub-categories for making appropriate choice:
      1. Infinity Bands - The bands which are having stone setting as its prime focus and have stones distributed evenly throughout the rings are listed as infinity rings. These are the coolest and most unique piece of art which you can wear as per your preference.
      2. Wedding Rings - The eye-catching design which will create a royal statement when you wear it is here with us. We have got the best of the wedding rings for him and her. here is your chance to wear any of the possible designs and enjoy the limitless benefit of this gemstone.
      3. Engagement Rings - The designs which will be making you happy and feel fantastic about sharing your relationship status in class are here. We have multiple designs and each is handcrafted, you can wear them as your daily wear rings and enjoy the benefit of the Tanzanite engagement ring.
      4. Cocktail Rings - The ideal party wear designs are here in this sub-category. We have a wide range of rings which will be enjoyed by you making you feel excellent about your choice.
    • 2. Bracelets - Tanzanite bracelets are an amazing design that has a unique stone cut and a perfect setting. Gives you a chance to express a unique style statement and enjoy the offering of the rare gemstone. We have the following subcategory to make your purchase easy:
      1. Chain Bracelets - It is considered ideal for young souls and they will truly represent the freshness and simplicity they enjoy in the early years of life. We have appropriate jewelry for each kind of personality.
      2. Tennis Tanzanite Bracelets - The unisex option lets you feel confident and full of life. We have an exclusive range of tennis bracelets with different stone cuts and designs. You will be thoroughly enjoying the goodness of this pretty range.
    • 3. Earrings - The right way to make your look perfect is here, we have got the best of all with us and you will be losing your heart to each of these designs.
      1. Drop Earring - One piece of jewelry that you can wear and enjoy while going out for a party or an event. These dazzle in the best way possible to add the right amount of class and versatility to your overall personality.
      2. Halo Earring - The one type of earring that will be making you happy and feel full is here. We have got the best options for you and you will be enjoying them thoroughly. Here is your chance to enjoy the limitless offering of Tanzanite earrings that can be your daily wear jewel.
      3. Studs - The clear stone studs are a display of the stone cutting in the best possible way. We are here to make you feel special and feel full of joy as every occasion can become shining just by wearing ink-blue December blue stone.
    • 4. Necklaces - The different stone cutting will be making you happy as your necklace will be looking extra cool when you wear it while pairing it with a compatible earring. The most amazing sub-categories of necklaces are:
      1. Solitaire - The solitaire necklace will be making you feel special as the stone cutting will be adding the right amount of glitz to the jewelry. It will be your most precious one and you will enjoy it thoroughly.
      2. Fashion - The unique range of fashion necklaces will be helping you outshine your personality in the best way possible. Here is your chance to enjoy the jewelry and make it worth it for yourself. We are here to help you find the best design that can make your style unique and stand out among the crowd.

The above are the most desirable type of jewelry that look perfect with tanzanite gemstone. You will be having a complete set for you just by pairing anyone from each category. Pro tip - buy the same type of stone cut and it will look completely like a jewelry set.

When you buy from a reliable source, you do not have to be worried about the quality of the product rather, it is having a much broader dimension and is thorough for you. We are here to take care of your jewelry needs by keeping up with the trend and setting the benchmarks for excellent quality. our catalog is filled with fashionable items and you can grab one for yourself without a doubt. Here is our offering for you and the December birthstone vintage ring will make you happy wholly.

September 29, 2022 — Rosec Jewels

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