Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania is the hill that has given the world amazing tanzanite. The world of jewelry is always fascinated by the dazzling new stones and the resemblance to blue sapphire is just the cherry on the top. Tanzanite rings almost give you a feel of a Blue Sapphire ring, the intense blue color is similar and those who don’t know about these facts, often end up buying Tanzanite instead of Blue Sapphire. Though, it is a good accident as this one is rarer than Sapphire and has an abundance to offer. The seven wonders of Tanzanite- the December Birthstone are here:

Seven Wonders of Tanzanite

The stone has some significant benefits for the person who chooses to wear Tanzanite Eternity Rings all their life. It has noticeable facts that can amaze you thoroughly.

1. Rarest Gemstone, found only in Tanzania

You must have heard there are precious gemstones that are rare and topping that list is Diamond. Well, that’s a certain myth you have and we are here to clear it once and for all. The rarest one is not diamond, Tanzanite is the rarest one, the intense blue which were first extracted back in 1961 is considered naturally heated and were not having the brownish color. Those are rare and getting one such is a destiny’s play. You can get lucky if you get a three-stone engraved Tanzanite ring.

2. Symbol of Prosperity

The gemstone that will offer good luck and prosperity to you, all your life is here. The intense blue Tanzanite looks perfect as your daily wear accessory in form of a wedding band and earrings. A classic range of fashion earrings are made with the help of gemstone and the person wearing the same looks splendid. You can gift the magnificent gemstone to your loved ones and offer them a chance to enjoy prosperity to the next level.

3. Offers Abundance and Good Fortune

The word abundance will be fascinating for you but it is a giveaway from this magical gemstone. December birthstone bracelets are made with love and we have listed the handmade pure artwork for your benefit. The variety of designs and the diverse stone cut will help you to create a vibe for yourself and an option to wear beautiful jewelry throughout the day. You can wear the custom-made rings as we are offering you a chance to enjoy the service as we have included this in our elite offerings for everyone.

4. New beginning is represented by Tanzanite

The one which represents the new beginning in life is the deep-blue Tanzanite which lets you speak for yourself completely. A perfect way to showcase your passion and love for the one who is important to you is by gifting them Tanzanite and diamond pendant. The blue-violet color is a very fresh color lets helps you to outcast yourself as a unique personality. The jewelry option we have will force you to buy one for your beloved and yourself You can even try wedding bands for him & her.

5. Considered as Heirloom

Heirloom is a state in which Tanzanite looks perfect as it is a precious gift passed from one generation to another. The royals have a lot of heirloom stones and you can even have one. Tanzanite which was first extracted from Tanzania is still passed on from one generation to another. As there is no other source to get these rare pieces of beauty, the world relies only on Tanzania. Hence, it is a very convenient way to pass royal pieces from one relation to another.

6. Reflects three colors at time

The three colors emitted from the shining gemstone are the perfect retreat for the person who lays their eyes on this magical stone. It lets you perfectly speak for yourself. The three colors include blue, white, and violet. You can expose it to the sunlight and witness the classic colors of your precious jewelry. This one is worth it will be your comment after exploring this wonder of the December birthstone ring.

7. Attain intense blue color after Heating

Heating does the right chemical formation and converts the brownstone into an intense blue color. The perfect way to find the most authentic stone is by looking at its intense color, the emphasis on intense is based on the fact that the darker the shade, the better is the quality of the gemstone.

The seven wonders may amaze you and you may feel it is the most alluring gemstone you can ever have in your life. Tanzanite rings are the best ones for you and you can count upon the goodness of the gemstone to the next level. We are offering certified jewelry and will be giving you chance to enjoy the lifetime warranty to keep your essentials in a good state.

September 23, 2022 — Rosec Jewels

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