The precious gemstone which is alluring to watch is the magnificent Blue Sapphire. It is created naturally from minerals and aluminum oxides. It also possesses magnesium, iron, chromium, titanium. The word Sapphire is of Greek origin and literally means the color blue. The discovery of Blue Sapphire was made in the heaven on Earth, “Kashmir”. It is the second hardest stone after diamond, it is a rare piece of magic that has the potential to change the pathway of life for most people. Sapphires are of different colors apart from being blue, it can be of many colors but not red. Red gemstones are typically rubies that do not go well with Blue Sapphire. The pairing of these is not recommended at all. Gemstones are to be worn based upon the birth chart and their compatibility with the ruling planet of your Zodiac.

History of the Blue Sapphire

The mentioning of Blue Sapphire as a token of royalty in history books is not uncommon. Every religion has its own relation to the characteristic of these beautiful gemstones. Buddhists have strong faith, it has a deep spiritual connection and Hindus worship it as an idol. Discovered in the late 19th century in the Kashmir region the violet-blue September birthstone was auctioned for the highest value of Sapphire recorded to date. It was a huge naturally sourced stone and valued above seven million dollars. There are different names given to the Blue Sapphires procured from other countries like Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Myanmar, Australia, etc. The historic moment was seen when Prince Charles gifted Lady Diana Spencer a 12-carat Blue Sapphire engagement ring in 1981 which was later given to their daughter-in-law by their son in 2010.

What to look in Blue Sapphire

Certain points to be kept in mind while buying your precious Blue Sapphire engagement ring, the stone needs to be observed closely as per the following dimensions:

  • Blue Sapphire Color: The color of the gemstone plays an important role in the calculation of its final worth. The deeper the color reflects the high value for other stones but in this one, the medium violet-velvet color means high value. The velvet touch color adds a good texture to the stone and such is the ideal color for the Blue Sapphire. The light blue and very light color often reflect the low value of the gemstone which ultimately means low value for the stone. It is a symbol of purity and a genuine source of origin, the bright and deep color reflects the top-quality of the gemstone.

  • Blue Sapphire Clarity: The clearer, the better is the blue sapphire. It has to be transparent or translucent. Such is the one which fetches a good value for their top quality. Though certain inclusions reflect the source of origin and they are also considered as essential for the value as are symbols of their originality. The inclusions that are seen in Blue Sapphire sourced from Kashmir are rutile silk needles. The other cannot be seen with the help of the naked eye.

  • Blue Sapphire Cut: The cut of the stone is also considered essential for the pricing of the stone. The complex cut results in a high amount of wastage and hence the value of the stone becomes high. It is important to keep a vivid eye over the type of cutting your choice as it is also a key contributor to the final price of the gemstone.

  • Blue Sapphire Carat Value: Carat value is the weight of the gemstone. It is the most essential factor in the calculation of the price of the jewelry. The different kinds of jewelry that are made using blue sapphire such as Blue sapphire wedding bands evidently have carat value. It is needed to be checked and confirmed. The natural Blue Sapphire has a high value and the higher the carat value, the value increases.

  • Treated or Untreated Blue Sapphire: A piece of jewelry is treated well before becoming an aesthetic piece, it is highly treated using a high temperature just to enhance the properties like color and clarity. It is not uncommon for jewelers to treat high to low-grade Blue Sapphire as it is a phase to make them a marketable piece of jewelry. But the facts remain the same, untreated and natural ones are highly-priced and considered as rare. These fetch a good amount to the owner.

Caring for Blue Sapphire Jewelry

The second hardest gemstone known to mankind needs a little extra effort to maintain its shine and get rid of the possible dirt deposit on it. Prepare a combination of warm water and mild soap, soak in the gemstone and rub gently using a soft brush. Then wash it off and wipe it with a clean towel. It will help you to keep the stone neat and clean.

September 15, 2022 — Rosec Jewels

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