July's birthstone, Ruby, is one of the most loved and desired gems. In sanskrit texts, it is mentioned as ‘ratanraj’, the ‘king of gemstones’. The word "ruby" comes from the Latin word "ruber," which means "red". Hence, red has been the color of love and passion, and hence the ruby has become synonymous with that. Its bright red color immediately catches the eye. The most desirable color of the July birthstone is "pigeon’s blood," which is a deep red with a tone of purple. It belongs to the mineral corundum family, and the element chromium present inside the stone gives it its red color. The amount of chromium present determines the intensity of the red color. Learn more about this beautiful July birthstone to be able to make the best choice for yourself or anyone who took birth in July.

Meaning of July Birthstone Jewelry

As mentioned, in ancient India, ruby was known as the "king of gems". What makes it so? It is one of the strongest colored gemstones, with a 9 score on the Mohs scale, and it is also one of the rarest stones, even rarer than diamonds. Also, there is no match for its mystical abilities and beauty. In India, the ruby was long associated with the life force blood and was a symbol of power and youthful energy. Centuries ago, rubies were used for predicting forthcoming danger or misfortune and curing diseases related to inflammation and the heart. Burmese warriors inserted ruby stones into their flesh, believing it would make them victorious in the battle. And Medieval Europeans said rubies bestowed them with good health, more wisdom, more wealth and success in life.

Benefits of July Birthstone Jewelry

1. Boosts Mental Strength

Because ruby is associated with the sun, the ruler of good health, self-esteem, and personal well-being, If you make your sun strong, you can feel more confident, happier, and uplifted. So wearing ruby jewelry helps in activating the energies of the sun. It helps in overcoming mental disorders like depression and anxiety and makes you feel stronger mentally and emotionally.

Our root chakra is also connected to the color red and the ruby stone. An activated and aligned root chakra brings the feeling of stability and security in life. An insecure person goes through emotional ups and downs. The stone can help you deal with such a state of mind and all kinds of psychological issues.

2. Brings Good Name and Fame

The Ruby gemstone grants success in professional life. Climbing the ladder of career and earning a name in society becomes easy with the influence of Ruby in our lives. You would feel a free flow of creativity and new ideas that are required to do things differently. Not only that, it will also give you the confidence to execute those ideas. The Sun governs aspects of life such as high-paying, stable occupations and reputable names. As already said, the ruby gemstone will activate the planet sun, which in turn will bring better opportunities and the luck needed for professional growth. It works well, especially in the areas of politics, administration, and government jobs. Your dreams aren’t far away with this highly potent stone.

3. Harmony in Paternal Relations

The planet Sun, the ruler of Ruby, also represents the father. The person with good sun has a good relationship with their father. And to activate that, wearing ruby is suggested. It helps in making the father-son or father-daughter relationship harmonious. If you have been dealing with complexities in a paternal relationship, this majestic gemstone can help you overcome those. 

Everyone’s relationships aren't the same with their parents; some experience unreasonable arguments consistently. Wearing ruby gemstone jewelry can make things smoother and lighter for you. You may get the warmth, affection, and respect that you have longed for since forever.  

4. Strengthens Physical Health

Ruby detoxifies the body, improves blood circulation all over, and tackles heart ailments in the body. The kidneys, heart and other organs that are essential for the functioning of the body become stronger and healthier. It is also recommended to wear it for issues like indigestion and diarrhea. The gemstone also eases pain during the menstrual cycle, fluctuations during menopause, infertility, and reproductive organs. 

A weak sun in the birth chart can cause ailments related to the head, heart, and eyes. But wearing ruby gemstone jewelry will make you experience improvement in those areas.

5. Wards off the Evil Eye Effects 

Unexplained health issues, disharmony, and nightmares are indicators of the evil eye. Healers and occult science advise keeping the stone under the pillow while sleeping. The mind will be relaxed and anxiety free as the gemstone releases positive energies and removes evil energies. With the ruby by your side, you will feel the right changes in your mood, health, and sleep. The Ancients used ruby as a talisman, a protecting agent, to push away wicked spirits and negative thoughts. The stone has the potential to save its owner from any psychic or psychological attack.

6. Harmony and love in the Marital Bond

For couples facing a lack of passion and affection, ruby can re-invoke that and reinvent the relationship with your partner. You will see mutual respect and understanding increase for each other. It can be a saviour through severe crises. Many nobles and celebrities begin their relationships with ruby engagement and wedding rings.

You can wear ruby gemstone in the form of a ring on the right hand's ring finger or in the form of ruby bracelets and ruby necklaces. The only condition is that the stone should touch the skin. Burmese rubies are considered the best ones. Pigeon blood color, a bright or dark red, is the most desirable. There are a few specifications with regard to the stone, like it should weigh 1/10th of your body weight and be between 3 and 6 carats. To get the most out of your investment, avoid synthetic rubies and only buy them from a reputable jeweler. Speaking to an expert astrologer can give you insights on how you should be wearing it.

September 30, 2022 — Rosec Jewels

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