For a long time, Regal Rubes have been a symbol of love, courage, and passion. Its vivid red color and strong qualities have always kept this stone a favorite among royals and warriors. It has not only been adorned on kings' and queens’ tiaras and crowns but has also itself received the title of "King of Gemstones." Diamonds, being the most popular, get the first preference for jewelry for most individuals. But ruby, being the most alluring and hardest colored gemstone, is picked up often these days. At times, it is great to deviate from neutral and regular choices. Rubies help you achieve both by adding vibrancy and rarity to your ring. There are several other reasons why you should select Ruby as your engagement ring. Let’s have a look.

Why to Choose Ruby Engagement Ring?

Hard and Durable

Rubies are one of the hardest gemstones after diamonds, with a score of 9 on the Mohs’ scale. We have seen royal jewelry made of ruby that, even after so many years, shines like new. So, this is definitely a long-lasting gemstone. This is something you can wear every day as the stone will be able to handle the damage that comes with exposure to the bumps and knocks of everyday life. Also, they are easy to care for and clean at home. Their vibrant colors don’t fade away easily. Myanmar rubies are of the finest quality, or lab-grown rubies are also a good choice. 

Rubies Symbolize Health, Wealth, and Love

The red color of rubies is a symbol of love. So many times, we have witnessed ruby stones becoming part of engagement rings to symbolize love and passion. In 1960, Princess Margaret was presented with a flower bud shaped ruby and diamond engagement ring by her fiance, Antony Armstrong-Jones. Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, also received a floral ruby engagement ring from Prince Andrew. Queen Elizabeth is also known for her huge collection of ruby jewelry, which includes ruby rings, ruby brooches, ruby necklaces, and other kinds of ruby jewelry pieces. Europeans have treasured rubies not just for their rich luster but for the ultimate benefits that they offer in regard to love, health, wealth, matrimony, and wisdom. success. Their long association with royalty has made them the symbol of power and wealth. It was believed rubies could bring luck to marriages by using them in engagement and wedding bands.

Ruby is A Good Investment

Rubies are called the “king of gemstones” for a reason. Because of their increased demand and scarcity, they are highly priced stones.This rarity makes it the safest and one of the best investment options. Their market value and demand are even better than diamonds. Myanmar rubies are sold for over $35 million.

Ruby is Rare and Precious Gemstone

The rarity, durability, and high value of rubies make them a precious gemstone. And this is the reason it makes a perfect choice for engagement rings. Popular belief holds that colorless diamonds are the most sought after and rarest of all, but rubies are much rarer than diamonds and in durability they don't lag behind but match diamonds. One of the hardest colored gemstones is ruby. Even so, the prices of some rubies are higher than diamonds.

Ruby is the Gemstone of Passion

Its red color is often associated with passion and romance. The ruby is connected to your heart chakra and has the ability to activate it and open the doors of love. For this very reason, the stone makes an ideal for engagement, Valentine’s Day, and anniversary gifts. Ruby is traditionally associated with the 15th and 40th wedding anniversaries. Giving your partner a ruby ring will only make her happy for the rest of her life. 

How to Choose Ruby Ring

Choose the Color of the Ruby Gemstone 

Rubies come in various tones and hues of red, from pinkish red to purplish red. But the color preference is an individual choice. Some like it bright red, and some go for purple and brown shades of red. This does affect the price of the stone. Pigeon blood is the most desirable color and thus comes at a heavy price. But it is not essential to choose the top color ruby. You can pick one that satisfies your budget and color taste. Observe hue, tone, and saturation. For good appearance, the primary hue has to be red. The tone defines the darkness of the stone. The best quality and most highly valued rubies are those that are neither too dark nor too light. Saturation defines the intensity of a ruby’s hue. The intense red hue of the ruby makes it highly valuable as compared to others with less vibrant hues.

Focus on the Cut of the Ruby Gemstone

The cut of any stone defines its brilliance, sparkle, and overall appearance. Poor cutting can waste the stone, while finely cut stone will bring out the best in it. A poor cut can also affect the durability of the stone, making it brittle and prone to chipping and breaking. You can find rubies in all types of cuts, but the most desired and mostly bought are round brilliant cuts. Oval, pear and marquise cuts are also common. To evaluate the right cut, observe its symmetry, transparency, sparkle, and that its facets are proportional.

Choose Perfect Settings of the Ruby Gemstone

As rubies go well with all types of metal, it won’t be wrong to call them versatile. One should take care that the stone is set on the metal in a way that its true color is not being hidden. Rubies with yellow gold or rose gold look more special, but it all comes down to personal preference.

Caring tips for your Ruby Rings

Rubies can be easily cleaned at home with soapy water and a tooth brush. Avoid soaking it in the solution overnight; a bit of scrubbing should be enough. To keep its charm intact, try not to expose it to extreme temperatures, harsh chemicals, perfumes, or lotions. Also, store them separately as their hardness can harm other less durable stones.

I hope the detailed guide will come in handy for you in your selection of ruby engagement rings. Just knowing why you are choosing something and how it is going to serve you in the long term will help you make the right decision.

September 29, 2022 — Rosec Jewels

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