Another name for peridot is "chrysolite". It is a silicate mineral and a variety of olivine. The iron inside the stone gives it an olive-like green color. Though there are multiple theories about the origin of its name, the actual source remains unknown. Some relate it to the Arabic word "faridat," which means "gem," and some relate it to the Anglo-Norman "pedoretés" or French word "peritot." According to the Georgian Calendar, it is the birthstone of August. and is associated with the 16th wedding anniversary.

It is an ancient stone and people considered it powerful, as for them it had healing properties. They used it as a talisman. The stone was thought to bring mental peace, strength and balance in the body, a good mood, and enhanced creativity. In addition to that, it treats indigestion, skin diseases, weight issues, and nutrient absorption.

Let us see more aspects of this positive energy radiating stone. Where did it originate and where can it be found now? What are its hidden magical and mystical properties? What does it look like? And what makes it look the way it looks? And lastly, how do you wear it to attain the maximum benefits?

The origin of Peridot Stone

The gemstone originates in silica-deficient rocks, volcanic basalt, and palliate meteorites. Unlike other gemstones, its formation does not take place in the earth’s crust but in the molten rock of the upper mantle.

Olivine is a mineral that is very commonly found in mafic and ultramafic rocks that are formed in lava and the earth’s mantle. Peridot’s chemical instability makes it a rare gemstone, but on the other hand, olivine is found in abundance.

The earliest mining of peridot happened on St. John's Island in 300 BC in the Red Sea, located in Egypt. They were known as Topazios back then and were usually mistaken for emeralds. The major source for peridot today is the San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation in Arizona. But its mining is done in other locations too, which include Arizona, and in Arkansas, Hawaii, Nevada, and New Mexico at Kilbourne Hole, in the US; and in Australia, China, Kenya, Brazil, and Egypt. Myanmar, Mexico, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Tanzania, and Sri Lanka.

Peridot Jewelry : Shinning & Powerful

One of the best and most alluring ways to wear precious gemstones is in the form of jewelry, as the basic requirement of any gem to work for you is to bring it into contact with your skin. Thus, wearing peridot jewelry helps you realize its power in true sense. You can find peridot jewelry in almost every form, from peridot rings to peridot pendant and earrings sets.

The fresh looking, soothing green peridot undoubtedly becomes a wonderful choice when it comes to its form of jewelry. It is fashioned into different cuts, carved beads, and cabochons. Peridot is an attractive gemstone to add to your collection. The sparkle of light green adds more joy and calmness to the wearer as the color is so soothing to look at.

Mostly it looks good with yellow gold and silver metal. Peridot bracelets bring shine to the wrist and rings to the fingers. Being close to your skin, they start bringing positive changes in your life.

Mystical Powers of Peridot

Ancient civilizations honored the stone, as, for them, it provided protection against bad dreams and fears. Its mysticism comes from the fact that the use of peridot leads to mental growth, sharpening of the mind, and new awareness and growth. It was believed to have tons of healing properties, from calmness of mind to fitness on a physical level. The ancients also related it to the sun. They used it to ward off evil spirits.

The stone has been connected to the heart chakra. Use of it would mend your feelings by opening up your heart. One would feel rejuvenated, filled with love and light.

1. Physical Healing Properties

Peridot works as a natural healer for the physical ailments of the liver, gall bladder, and digestion. Because of its green color, the stone has been associated with detoxing. As nature helps us to get back to our true self, so does this stone. Regenerate your cells and tissues and attain good health with this perfect tonic for health. It strengthens the metabolism and treats skin allergies too. 

2. Mental and Emotional Healing Properties

Peridot stabilizes the mood and sets behavioral issues like feelings of jealousy, revenge, and resentment. It helps in releasing the emotional baggage and letting go, which in turn eases anxiety, insomnia and other unwanted emotional patterns. The gem helps in achieving overall lightness, as we all know the fact that emotional illness takes a toll on physical illness too.

Peridot is also known as "The Study Stone" because it has the ability to bless its owner with mental focus. The chain of thoughts that distracts you every time can be overpowered by peridot. It will help you to complete your tasks on time by giving you the focus and energy that you require. Therefore, it is highly recommended for students and individuals stuck with the academic challenge.

Physical Properties & Peridot Science

Most of the gemstones are found in a variety and range of colors, but the olive green variety is known to come in that single color only. However, there are different tones of olive green that can be found, from sea-rich green to a light green color that resembles fallen leaves. The percentage of iron inside the stone defines the intensity of the green color in peridot. Therefore, the color of an individual peridot comes from yellow to olive to brownish green. Light color in stones happens due to less iron in them. Because of this variation in color, it has been mistaken as an emerald by the ancients.

The peridots can be of different sizes and compositions depending on their source. The one coming from volcanic eruptions has a different chemical composition from the one coming from meteorites. It has a higher content of lithium, nickel, and zinc.

Peridot’s natural green hue is exceptionally consistent, a very rare quality to be seen in a gemstone. It does not receive enhancement or heat-treatment for color improvement. But on certain occasions, the gemstone is treated with oils that are colorless, waxes, or resins to fill fractures on the surface and improve the peridot’s appearance or luster.

Many cultures believed that peridot stones contained sun rays, which gave them their magnificent hue. While we know now this isn't true, we cannot deny this stunning stone will brighten up any item of jewelry. Olivine hardness ranges from 6.5 to 7. They are somewhat sensitive to chipping and scratching. It is advisable to opt for protective settings for peridot jewelry. And clean them with only detergents devoid of harsh chemicals.

September 29, 2022 — Rosec Jewels

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